Monday, March 08, 2004


The verdict is in, I am love-love-lovin the D-12/Eminem song "My Band". Seriously, Love it. Lucky for Aaron, we weren't able to listen to the mp3 player in the car yesterday, otherwise I would have it on repeat for the entire day. *ahem*, not that I'm known for that or anything. My mom once told me I ruin all music for her because I play it to death. Whatever. Anyhoo, you should check it out.

What a wierd weekend. Friday night was awesome. I threw a surprise party for Aaron's birthday. (didn't mention it here obviously because he reads this... or at least skims this. :-)) Anyhoo, after work I went home and got ready to go to my mom's. Wili came over and he and Aaron exchanged gifts (his birthday was the week before.) Then we went to my mom's and she made Aaron's favorite Monte Cristos for dinner with french fries. They had my cake for dessert. After that, I had told Aaron we were going to a comedy club for his birthday, just us; but on the way we were going to stop at a place in Federal Way to meet Lori and her date. (There was no date, she was the point person for the surprise party.) So we get there and Wili had left about 10 minutes before us, and we drove right by his car in the parking lot. I saw that Aaron had seen it, and attempted to draw his attention to finding a parking spot. We went inside and everyone was there. We had an awesome time dancing and hanging out; by about 1:30am I was beyond tired. I had been up since 4am, and by the time we got home and went to sleep it was after 2:30. I was dead on my feet pretty much.

Saturday we got up late, and futzed around a bit. We went to Red Robin for lunch, as Aaron had gotten a free birthday burger certificate emailed to him from them; I love their california chicken burger. MMMMM (no bacon though.) Then we went to Walmart and over to my parent's to pick up the presents Aaron left there the night before. Then Aaron had to help out his friends so I cleaned house and blasted the music. (Usher's 'yeah' is my other favorite song right now.) Wili ended up taking Aaron and I out to Azteca for dinner. It was a good day, but a tiring one. We ended up asleep before midnight.

Yesterday we drove out to North Bend, Aaron's family had camped up there the night before. We all were meeting to put Vince's ashes in their final resting place. It was an icky day, weather wise and we had to cross the river on foot... it made an otherwise sad day a bit interesting, and by the end, Aaron and I were soaked up to the knee. Boy was I glad to get home and get changed.

The birthday boy and the cake I made for him

Hanging out at PJ Pockets

Aaron and his sister Brandi

Probably the best picture of the night, Aaron's brother Dan and his wife Julie cuttin' a rug, I love the way they have basically the same expression and are posed the same way.

I have no clue who this woman was, but she flashed Aaron ... black bra and all. Yikes.

I have a feeling I'll be asked to remove this picture later, though it's not a bad pic, it's just not a glamour shot. She was dancing to 'billie jean' here.

Some mossy rocks in North Bend.

More surprise party pics to come tommorrow!


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