Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I'm in bad shape today folks. I left the nasal spray at home because, well as my mother would so bluntly say "you're addicted." Mind you, I am not having any shakes or delusions, or moments of cold sweats... I just can't breathe through my fucking nose. I had weaned myself off the mentholated spray about a week and a half ago, and was happily using 4-Way two or three times a day. Only when I really needed it. I switched to Breathe Right strips at night (as that is when I seem to not be able to tolerate a stuffy nose at all.) I have probably gone through 6 or 7 bottles of nose spray since the week before Christmas. That's kind of a lot. Ok, that is a lot. In New York, though, I was really sick and it did help. But now, all that remains is a plugged up nose and I think it's solely due to nasal spray dependency or what have you. So I made the choice to leave it at home today, and man... it's been rough. I get that panicky feeling in my chest when I can't breathe through my nose, it's getting better as the day is waring on, and the saline spray someone recommended is not clearing up my nose, but hopefully it is helping in the long run.

Add to my breathing misery the fact that I overdid it at the gym last night and man, today sucks. It's a good pain, but a pain none the less. I feel like my ass and inner thighs are pissed at me and are punishing me for all of those lunges last night. And squats. And the running I did afterwards. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere, and since Aaron and I are going to look at a church tonight for the wedding. I won't be able to get to the gym. So I did some extra stuff. I just have to keep repeating "embrace the pain, embrace the pain" to myself over and over. Just like I'll say "embrace the hunger, embrace the hunger" when I've just eaten dinner a half an hour ago and feel like I could eat another meal and a half. It's wierd. I eat a chicken breast and some rice with tons of steamed veggies thrown in, and I'll be full when I'm done. A half hour to an hour goes by and I want more. Luckily, I am good about not cheating when trying to implement an eating plan, and it's not like I'm starving. Oh the joys of modification.

Last night on the treadmill, my legs were shaky from the lunges, and I wanted to give up so bad. I was so tired, and kept trying to talk myself into just walking the rest of the time (instead of the sprinting inervals) but I just kept thinking of wedding dresses, and spring time clothes (I want some summery dresses) and I kept going. Amazingly enough I finished and even did abs after that.

well, not too much to say today... here are some random NYC pics from Ashley's camera. (and a few gratuitous kitty pics at the end.)

Self Portrait of Ash and NYC from the Empire State Building. I love this picture.

I call this "hey, gimme that"

Asa baby

Bean-dogg (when Puff daddy went to P.Diddy we changed it to Bean-diggy) is in the hiz-ouse.


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