Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Dangit! I just realized we lost ALL OF THE MOTHERFUCKING PICTURES I SCANNED when Aaron had to reload windows. Doesn't that just beat all. Fuck man... oh well, I'll just have to go get the other photo albums and do it again... to his credit he was diligently working to save the files on the computer while I stood in the living room throwing tantrum after tantrum insisting on getting the computer up and running even if we lose all the pictures and the porn... heheh, I kid about the porn obviously. But seriously, we did lost a lot of pictures, and while we were smart to burn the ny pics to a disk we lost a lot of Christmas photos, cat photos (THE HORRORS!) and some schoolwork I saved on there. OH well.

Hey, I need some input on a couple of things here...

1. we spend about 80 bucks a week on groceries (including toiletries and cleaners). I know I am heinously cheap, but damn, that seems like a lot for two people. Is that about average?

2. So, the wedding is November 6th... I am not sure when I should get serious about buying a dress. If I order online or even from a boutique I am under the impression that I should allow 8-12 weeks for delivery. Of course I will probably need some alteration, unless they are custom made (obviously I need to do more research on this) so my question is, If I wait until late may, early june to get a dress, that means the dress should be here by the beginning of September, giving me all of Sept and Oct to get it fitted right... is that cutting it too close or does that sound reasonable? I have zero experience in this area obviously, so any tips would be much appreciated.

Today was day two of 'rising at the crack of fucking dawn to work out' and I think it's going well. It was quite evident this morning though that I do need to get up at 4:30 and not 4:45, as I walked through the door at the gym around 5:08, and I need a bit more time than just an hour. I worked out a bit too long for the time needed to get ready and spent that time rushing around like a damn chicken with it's head cut off because I didn't want to be late and was sweating as I dried my hair and put on my makeup. Purty. The shower experience wasn't that bad though, wore flip flops, dressed in the handicap stall. Not too bad.

Hey thanks for the comments and emails about the yoga tapes, you all are pretty much recommending the same one, so now I'll go and buy it this weekend! Thanks!

Oh yeah, I was staring at people this morning in my math class and a few observations stuck in my head...

1. the ratio of 'the north face' jackets to 'jansport' backpacks is ASTOUNDING.

2. The girl with really dark eyes and black hair and fake n' bake tan really irritates me... ever since she laughed when the dumb boy in front of me said something asinine to the teacher I have wanted flick her in the forehead.

3. The dumb boy who sits in front of me (same one who talks all the fucking time and made the comment to the teacher) actually is very good looking in sort of an idyllic way. He has a very 'beautiful child' kind of face, just needs a bit of a hair cut and to lose the 3ct cubic zirconia stud in his left ear and I bet he'd be model material. Eyelashes to die for... but one of those guys who is so full of themselves you kind of want to puke. That and he's about 17 or 18 and thinks he knows it all.

no pics again today, hopefully tomorrow!


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