Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Some girls have dreams about Tom Cruise, some girls have dreams about George Clooney. Not this girl. Last night I had a dream involving a love triange with Aaron, myself and Mikey from American Chopper. This disturbs me slightly. I'm not exactly sure why, Mikey is my favorite because he's funny, but notsocute. Not even a monet. Not familiar with the show?

Here he is:

yeah, and to make matters weirder Aaron was actually Paulie, but still Aaron somehow. Anyway...

You know, just when I think I can stand to look at Satchel without getting pissed off for no reason, just when I think I can almost be civil to him hell, even pleasant sometimes... I find something out that makes me want to kick him in the nuts so hard his fucking brother feels it.

Apparently one of the guys in the office had a conversation with him that went something along these lines:

Coworker: You know Satchel, if you Republicans quit worrying about small potatoes like gay marriage, you might actually get something worthwhile done.

Satchel: It's not small potatoes--it's wrong

Coworker: How does it affect you?

Satchel: It cheapens my marriage and if we allow it they'll be copulating in the streets.

He then went on to say they would convince more people to turn gay like 'them'.

hmmm, homophobic much?

I told my coworker he can't tell me shit like this because all it does is piss me off, and I tend to dwell on shit like this. When he told me about the conversation I said "dude, I SO FUCKING WISH I WAS GAY JUST TO RUB IT IN HIS IGNORANT FUCKING FACE!!!" That and to file a formal complaint for discrimination, but you know I'm not gay so I can't. But the fucker better not EVER bring it up in front of me because I will so shut that shit down.

First of all you ignorant ass homophobic motherfucker, you can't 'turn' someone gay. Secondly, what makes it wrong? (a conversation I love is trying to get someone to tell you why it's wrong without involving God in the reason). Every time he would steer it to the Bible or God or Religion I would say "what about seperation of church and state?" NOT TO MENTION that I would love to see some statistics on the ratio of gay sex offenders to straight sex offenders. I googled it, but came up with some weird ass shit.

You know what else I find really weird... I think there must be a shitload, and I mean a shitload of closet homophobes. Because these polls and other statistics I keep reading about and hearing about on the radio seem to be neck and neck... not exactly 50-50, but usually 60% of people approving of gay marriage and 40% saying "hell no". But I rarely hear anyone actually verbalize disdain for legalizing gay marriage. Must be all of the old people and Bible beaters... either that or people just say what they think is the popular choice and secretly believe in something else.

Enough on that, just chalk it up to reason number 1,012,568,123,458,297 for hating Satchel.

I missed America's Next Top Model last night. I have no words for how disappointed I am. (don't judge me.) I am hoping they run it again tonight, as that's what they did last week.

I watched the Inferno last night, (I taped it on monday) and damn... why does Holly ALWAYS have a wet face? Someone get that girl some powder and a damn towel. It's gross! And not to mention her complexion is the weirdest texture I've ever seen on tv... looks thick like scar tissue from a burn, but she is not scarred or anything. Her eyes are too damn close together, they are so close she might as well be a fucking cyclops. Gives me the willies every time.

So glad to see Trishelle go home, she with the worlds smallest face and no chin... she could star in "Dude! Where's My Chin?" I still hate Julie, and I want Leah's hair.

Speaking of hair, Lori should be coming over tonight (or tomorrow) to hack about an inch off of mine. I'm totally scared about cutting it, but an inch is not much and with all the bleaching I do, it really needs to be kept in line. I'm also getting a foil done on friday because we have 3, count em 3 birthday parties to attend this weekend and I'll be damned if I am bringing my roots along.


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