Friday, February 06, 2004


Yes, I know I updated for Friday already, but here's a bonus weekend one. Ash liked my entry about Lori (oct 20th 2003) so much, I thought I'd do one for her.

1. She likes to wash bread. Well, until she figured out that you don't wash bread. If it gets dirty throw it away.
2. She was born on Bill Clinton's birthday, 1984.
3. This makes her NOT 21, and unfortunately left out of a lot of stuff.
4. She is infatuated with the way my mom pronounces 'Warshington'.
5. She actually believed it when Lori told her the reason birds can sit on electric wires and not be electrocuted is because they have plastic feet.
6. She hates it when you crack your knuckles. Or your neck. Or your shoulder like my freak of nature sister.
7. She once jumped out of her bedroom window in reaction to Matt pretending that he was about to shove her. She jerked away, fell out the window and landed on a foot stool.
8. She doesn't laugh much at #7, though we all do.
9. Lori used to make her eat grass. Ok, well not really eat it but I'm pretty sure a fair share got shoved into her mouth anyway.
10. Her favorite food of all time used to be (I'm not sure if it still is) Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. If allowed, she would have happily have eaten for every meal.
11. Her violent streak shows during Nintendo wars.
12. Her first job was Old Navy.
13. I used to babysit her and I would always make her say I was her favorite.
14. She used to have a thing for carebears.
15. She is quite possibly the most polite person on earth.
16. She had a perpetually skinned knee for the better part of her childhood leading into adolescence. As soon as the scab healed up and fell off, she'd fall right back down and reinjure it.
17. It was gross.
18. Her favorite thing to order when we go out to dinner is the Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap.
19. Unless we are at Azteca, then it's a side of tortilla's, rice, beans and sour cream.
20. I order that now too, when we go there.
21. Every year at Christmas (except last year I think) she makes something handmade for my mom.
22. She somehow manages to give herself black eyes all the time. Ok, in high school it was all the time, she would hit her forehead and get a damn black eye.
23. heh, once child protective services was called because of these black eyes.
24. I believe I heard Karen say "if you get one more black eye, I'm going to kick your ass."
25. She has a woo-woo.
26. No you sick fuck, that's a dog.
27. We share and obsession for Eminem, David Spade and Robert Downey Jr.
28. When she moved to Phoenix, we would send emails every day, and the first few lines would be lyrics from Eminem songs that we liked.
29. We never used the same lyrics twice.
30. Then we would talk about how he's a music genius, and misunderstood.
31. I think we both know better now.
32. But damn, we still think he's hot.
33. She got totally hammered at Matt and Kelly's wedding and made it a very memorable event.
34. The best was when we were standing at the bar and she leaned over and whispered loudly:"I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE SERVING ME!"
35. She used to want a tattoo of angel's wings on her back.
36. She used to love NSYNC.
37. Then she liked that freak lead singer of Orgy.
38. Now her heart belongs to her woo-woo. (heh, sorry I think that shit's funny)
39. Her mom used to call her 'boo.
40. A fact which irritated the shit out of Lori.
41. When she was a little kid she couldn't say "earring" she said "inger". We still tease her and tell her that her 'ingers' are pretty.
42. she does not have farts, she has pookies.
43. She's a movie freak, every time you ask her to go to a movie, she's seen it already.
44. She earned a nickname from me when she was about 10. "crevice".
45. She earned that nickname because she had perpetual wedgies and was constantly um, readjusting to fix the situation.
46. She has perfect damn teeth, and has never had braces. beyotch.
47. Lori tells me that she has a new thing where she'll go through a drive thru window, and take the food through the sunroof because her window won't 'roll down' *wink*wink*.
48. She was my valentine in 2002. She left balloons and teddy bears in my room and in Lori's room as a surprise on Valentine's day.
49. She knows how to make cinnabon frosting.
50. She has the BEST hair of anyone I know!

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