Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Not too much to report around here, am taking a break from the old picture scanning, as I have no time for that this week. Am doing ok so far on homework, but this weekend is a busy one, so I anticipate that I will have to bail on the 'girls day' we were planning. (mom, Lori, Karen, Ash and I) I just have too much homework. I bailed on school this morning because I left too late... traffic was a bitch, at 7:20 I was about 20 minutes away from school on a good traffic day, and it was stand still. So I got off the freeway and went into work early, figured since Satchel uses Tuesdays as his airport days (visits clients there and comes in late usually) it would be a nice opportunity to catch up on some math. Guess who pulled in the same time as me? I guess he is going to the airport tomorrow. Dammit. I still got a bit of work done, just went into our conference room and shut the doors until 8am.

Hey, I forgot to mention that while watching the Golden Globes the other night, I couldn't believe how much Uma Thurman looks like a horse these days. She's always been kind of horsey looking, but damn, I wanted to give her sugar cubes and hitch her to a wagon.

I went to the gym last night for the first time in a loooooooonnnnnnngggggg time. I am sore today, and I even took it a bit easy. Just walking/running on the treadmill. Amazing how easy it is to lapse in my workout schedule. Was going to go every night this week, but grandpa is in the hospital, sick with congestive heart failure among other things. Looks like tonight school and excercise will take a backseat. I hate that.

Had a hideous dream this morning, I hate it when you wake up to your alarm in the midst of one. It was a scary one too, so I was dreading the day from the getgo. But then I turned the radio on in the bathroom to hear the morning show tell a funny story. The lady on the morning show took her son (who is 4) to the bathroom with her at a restaurant, and it was a single stall one... so she immediately bristled at the 'no privacy' thing, but went pee anyway. Her son noticed that something was wrong (aunt flo was visiting) and proceeded to get very upset that someone had 'shot' his mommy. She tried to explain that everything was ok, and that when they went back out into the restaurant he should not talk about it... I'm sure the humor isn't translating here, but it was damn funny. That turned my mood around!

We have decided to wait on getting a kitty for now. There are hardly any available, we'll wait until there is more of a selection, and in the meantime, I made Ben and Asa an appointment to go in and get up to date on their shots. They ought to love that. I need to be better about taking them in for stuff like that. It'll be an experience for Aaron anyway, it's always quite a sight to watch me wrestle them into their carriers. Ben is easier, but Asa is one damn contracting muscle anyway. Then, once you get there you can't get them out of the carriers. Freaks.

The other night I got into a discussion with my Uncle Gary about toilet paper. His pet peeve is people who use too much, he said that he uses two squares at a time, and last year he used a total of like 4 rolls the entire year. I told him he shouldn't be irritated when there are females in the house, because logically we use more than guys anyway. He said that it was dumb to use more than two squares, and that you don't need it to go around your hand. I scoffed at that and said "hell yeah you do, paper glove man, better safe than sorry." Aaron just about died laughing at that. But seriously, am I alone on this here? An adequate amount to use is enough to go around your hand at LEAST once. Right???

This was taken a couple weekends ago when we went on that four-wheeling trip. Lori likes this picture because of all the greens and browns.

That would be Mt. Rainier in the Backround. So close you could almost touch it.

Here I present to you the poster boy of shit you should not do. Lesson #1: Pouring gasoline on the fire. yikes. Luckily he must be a pro because no hair was singed (that I know of) and no-one was hurt/burnt/trapped in a blazing inferno of flames etc.


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