Wednesday, January 07, 2004


We have no power. At home that is. That is why, my dear friends, I am sacrificing part of my lunch time to update you on the fabulous happenings that is my life. I got to do makeup by flashlight this morning, aren't you jealous? Luckily I found the damn thing, after fumbling around for matches and walking around with a candle trying to locate it. All the while thinking "This blows, fuck the 17th century!" Hopefully we will have power before too long, or we will be forced to pack up the babies (cats) and head over to my mom's ... heh, mom if you're reading can we stay the night? What a pain in the butt. I hate not having power, but really who doesn't... I guess the amish, but I can't speak for Jebediah and Mary Claire.

I promise you I will have new pictures from our trip up soon... There are 1085 pictures to go through, and I am trying to pick the few that won't bore you out of your skull. Not to mention, uploading them has been a real bitch as our home computer is having attitude. I'd hate to have to punch it in the keyboard like I did my laptop... seriously though, I need to get that puppy fixed. I miss it. I won't be uploading shit if we don't get power soon, oooh, speaking of which I need to email my professors of my online courses and let them know what's going on. This sucks!

I have been nice to satchel all day... like pleasant. I don't know what's wrong with me. This isn't to say there hasn't been any irritation, because of the generosity of spirit, he seems to have gotten the impression that I give a rats ass and has stopped by my desk no less than 7 times to share a witty anecdote or some other piece of nonsensical wisdom from his republicans meeting last night... no offense to the republicans out there, but when it comes to satchel I hold everything against him. Hell if he were a conservative democrat like me I'd fault him for being a copycat. heh, anyway ...

no pictures today, but if we have power tonight I'll do my best to finish uploading them all, and tomorrow I'll post them. Well, lunch is over so I gotta jet!


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