Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Did you catch the latest installment of 'America's Next Top Model' last night? You missed out if you didn't. Cattiness! Yay! There is a girl from Burien on there, that's my neck of the woods. (2 girls from our area, one-seattle, and the other B-town.) This amused me to no end that she would label herself from Burien. That area has a reputation for being kind of icky. Low income, kind of on the scummy side of town... not the worst area in seattle of course, but if I was on the show I would have said I was from Seattle and left it at that.

I'm in a mood, too much caffeine I think. Every time satchel comes up to me I have to stifle the incredible urge to hock one right in his face. Not very ladylike, I know. Spitting is less violent than hitting though, and a hell of a lot more insulting. But I'm a lady and ladies do not hock anything in anyone's face.

Incidentally, I had this whole thing typed out before blogger crapped out on me once again, and I lost the entry. I even called bush a nosy motherfucker who needs to stay out of people's business. ah... full of spit and vinegar today.

I downloaded moveable type last night, spent about an hour trying to decipher what exactly I was supposed to do, then gave up proclaiming 'fuck this shit, I don't have the time or the energy (or apparently the brain power) to figure it out." I could have someone from MT install it for me, but that's like 40 bucks and I'm not even sure that includes technical help. I don't even know where to begin with it, and though I would like a different look for my little site here, I just don't know that I can figure out mt. arg.

Since I'm in a mood, here are some pictures:

This is Troy, Jessica and I in summer of 2000. We went on a salsa cruise for Jessica's birthday, but none of us danced. Go figure. I actually know how to salsa, but this was right after my dad's stroke, and I wasn't in the mood. I was in the mood however for some ridiculously short hair. Butch, no?

speaking of short hair and being butch, I was talking with someone today who was surprised that in the past, people have wondered if I was indeed of the Lesbian variety. The answer is no (obviously to those of you who read this site on a regular basis), but when you have inch long hair, don't date for 8+ years and overweight like that, people do wonder. I guess maybe I would have too if I didn't know me, but god. What a hideous stereotype.

When Matt was living with us, we got into an inkfight at about 2 in the morning one night. My parents were asleep and we were running around the house with markers in both hands, trying to mark each other up as quietly as possible. And yes, I talked him into the red hair.

heh... I was 14 or 15 here... and um... I remember thinking that I looked good that day. Lord help me. This is why I do not 'do' tie dye.

here's an oldy but a goody, my birthday party in... 1997 I think (which would make it my 20th). From left to right: Joe (tatum's ex who bears a striking resemblance to Andre Agassi), some friend of Joe's named AK, a chick I used to know, then that's holly and tatum in the front there, with Mark behind them (who I had a dumb ass crush on) and Greg in the very back. This party was a killer... Remember Tatum?

This picture sits in a frame at my house, it's me and Holly at a water park/zoo thing in Vancouver. I can't remember the name of it, this was back in 1998. Dig the purple hair man.

an old picture of my mom, probably before I was born. People say I look like her... sometimes I can see it, sometimes not.

I love this picture of Ash, those aren't her real glasses, but she looks good in them!

my favorite picture of ben, this is 1996 and he used to stop and watch tv every now and then for a few minutes. Precious!

First day of school my sophomore year I think. The last year I wore the bitch flip bangs. The last year I wore my sally jesse raphael glasses in public. Stylish! pull the shirt down from your waistband geekazoid.

1st grade. when life was simple. :-)


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