Monday, December 15, 2003


Lately I have been listening a lot to the Garth Brooks Double Live CD. I got it at an insane price a few years ago after Christmas, and man... don't judge me, but I love it. In particular, I love Callin' Baton Rouge, Two of a Kind Workin' on a Full House, Your Song, Much to Young to Feel This Damn Old, Beaches of Cheyenne, and Two Pina Coladas. I love me some Garth Brooks, what I would give to have seen him in Concert.

Not too much to report here. I am damn hungry... I started really watching what I am eating again... mainly because I have put on about 10 lbs (a little less) since Kelly and Matt's wedding in July, and that concerns me. I have put on about 4lbs since the beginning of December and I.DON'T.LIKE.IT. So I'd like to lose a few before we go to New York. I keep debating on whether or not to set up a weight loss blog, so I have some accountability. I would like to lose another 20 or so before the wedding... (AT LEAST 20) but then that requires effort (to blog about it) and with school and everything, I think I have my hands full enough. Besides, I assume it will morph into a basic record of what I eat and what excercising I do and that shit is boring so why bother?

That whole paragraph was boring. Gah.

Oh yeah, I tried Sherry's recipe for Moussaka, and it was divine. I couldn't get Lori to try it because she knew there was eggplant in it and therefore must be disgusting, but Aaron tried it (though he had NO idea there was eggplant in it.) and he said it was edible, but it reminded him of stew and he just couldn't eat it because of that. I loved it though, so I sent some home with Lori so dad could try it and he really liked it too. I used ground Turkey instead of beef or pork, but damn; you would never know. DELISH.

I also made about a zillion cookies this weekend. The oatmeal ones on Friday did not turn out well; too flat, so I added a half cup of flour and made them again yesterday morning, and they were a little better. Next time I am going to add 3/4 of a cup or use less shortening. The frosting for the sugar cookies didn't turn out to my liking either though, too thick. Ugh.

By the way thanks for all the compliments about my hair, I love you!

Gosh... New York is 10 days away. HOLY SHIT I have a lot to do!!!! I am also kind of worried about my cats. They've NEVER been left alone for that amount of time, and I am afraid Asa will revert to his old ways when his mad and take a big ol' shit right on the couch or the bed in retaliation. *sigh* Hopefully he won't.

To the untrained eye he looks docile and um... thin here.


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