Monday, November 24, 2003


Hallelujah, praise the Lord, our water is back on! It came on Friday afternoon, and kevin told satchel to 'get your ass in there and flush that toilet.' You know, if it were me in satchel's shoes I would have been embarassed. I would also be embarassed if I were him today, as he is wearing his spray paint shirt. It's a knit olive green shirt that is stretched so tightly across his upper half I can see his man hipples at forty paces. GAH. I will be scrubbing my eyes with lysol later.

One year ago today I met Aaron for the first time. (Technically we both attended Lisa and Dwayne's wedding back in 2000, but we were never introduced.) It was on this weekend last year that we went out and I got completely shit faced and vaguely remember Lisa mentioning to me that she wanted to introduce me to someone; little did I know she and Dwayne had tried to get Aaron to come down to Louie's that night, (thank God he didn't... I was in bad shape.) I was depressed because I was "sick and fucking tired of being single" and drowned my sorrows in bud lights and Rumplemintz on the rocks. Anyhoo, come Sunday, Lori and I decide we are going to go to the mall and go shopping. We decide to drop by Lisa and Dwayne's to say hi and see evan. I also had the intent on asking about the possible fix-up. We walk in and Aaron is sitting on the couch playing video games with Dwayne. Lori and I visit, Aaron watches from afar and then we leave. I never got a chance to say anything, but I knew... I knew that Aaron was the one they were going to set me up with. When we left, I turned to Lori and said "I think that's who they want to set me up with!!!!!" I also remembered him as the best man from their wedding. Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours and I am at home when the phone rings. It's Lisa. She says "Hey, remember that guy that was here this afternoon when you stopped by?" Immediately my face turns red and I am having problems breathing. "uh, yeah!" She says "well, he wanted me to find out if you would be interested in going on a double date on Saturday." My reply? (this proves how fucked up my self-image was/is) "Me? Not Lori?" she assured me it was me, and I agreed and began to embark on one of the most nervwracking weeks of my life. I thought for sure he wanted to date Lori and I would show up and the look of disappointment would scar me for life. But obviously that didn't happen, I'll finish this story later.

So we attended the murder mystery party on Saturday. It was a blast. My feather boa was itching the hell out of me though, and I only drank like 2 1/2 long island iced teas but that set me good for the night. The party started at 5 and we were home watching tv in our jammies, around 9:30. I ate so much good food. I should preface this by saying I ate a shitload, and I mean a SHITLOAD of gingerbread (actual bread not cookies) onsaturday. Of course, the bread I made was too bitter by itself, so I was picking the top frosted part off and eating that. I finally threw the whole thing away because I reasoned, if it's not good enough to eat everything, then I have no business picking only the frosting off. We got to the party at Su and Don's house, and my God do they have a beautiful home. Right on the water in Normandy Park. So pretty.

Su had made this party mix that was sweet with pecans in it and stuff... to die for. I ate my weight in that, then had some bread with this awesome pesto dip she made. Fettucine and salad, and cheesecake and MORE gingerbread for dessert. THE INSANITY! Of course, because I filled up on party mix and bread, I only had a little bit of fettucine and split the cheesecake with my sister... which we didn't finish.

What killed me was the southern accents. People were getting into character, and my stupid ass would be listening intently... until I heard Holly say 'my pappy' when she was reading her script, then I started giggling and couldn't stop. "Then he took that a-ring right off mah fingah!" I thought I was going to pee my pants. Lori said I really was a 12 year old boy when I guffawed at Maria who said "Diamonds are a girls breast friend" by mistake. Oh, good times.

Incidentally, I won the trivia contest AND it was a tie between Lori and I for winning the whole game. She copied my answer and got the prize because I'd already won one. But she gave Aaron and I her prize anway, a bottle of Cook's Champagne. Woo!

Also, before I go, I was a website widow this weekend. :-) I kid, that's all. Aaron's building his own website, and was working diligently on it much of yesterday and part of saturday. He is doing really well with relearning all the html stuff, I keep telling him how impressed I am. I'll give a link once he's done more to it; right now he says he's just getting the design down and figuring out what the heck to put on there.

Speaking of my betrothed, last night we watched that cheesy hallmark movie (which I was totally looking forward to because Gary Sinise was in it, but ended up being disappointed because it was gay.) And Hallmark was running some longer than usual commercials, almost little vignettes ... anyway the one with the dad and the kids talking about santa was funny... but then the one with the young woman who was a newly wed away from home, describing her family traditions... when that one was over the room was silent and then Aaron said "damn man, they make everyone cry!" He wasn't crying, but his glasses had fogged, heh... such a tender heart. That's ok though, because at the next break my throat got all tight at the lady who goes back to visit her old professor... man. Good commercials.

'Sweet Nothings' and 'Back Alley Jones'

'Idiot Ness' and 'Back Alley Jones' and might I add that I also laughed like a damn hyena everytime someone would refer to Lori in character! "Hey Idiot, do you need a refill?" "Idiot, hand me that pen" killed me everytime.

'Sweet Nothings' and 'Second-hand Rose' I love that rose behind Maria's ear, so pretty!

A group shot of everyone in costume... at least all the women folk

Y'all be sure to come on back now y'hear?


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