Tuesday, November 04, 2003


Blasted Homework Demons! Something has lit the proverbial fire under my anthropology teacher's hind quarters and the homework has been flowing like crazy. This class is testing the fibers of quest for education like no other class has. So much reading! Maybe I've been taking slacker classes, I don't know. Between all the reading and then the papers due EVERY week in my Sociology class, (which has it's own hellish assigned reading) and my math homework I have no life anymore! I used to watch tv and be up to date on what was going on in the world... Now I don't have time for any of that and I miss it.

Last night I went to dinner with mom and Lori and Grandpa because it was or rather would have been Grandma's 81st birthday. God, I can't believe it's been two years since she passed. More than that I can't believe she was 78... she never seemed that old to me. Hell, Grandpa is going to be 83 next week, and that shocks the hell out of me too. Anyway, back to my original rant... I don't want to think too much about this today as it makes me sad... so we went out to dinner at Red Robin, and luckily I had done the majority of my homework over the weekend, but still had some reading to do. I did hardly any of it by the time I got home, because it was already a quarter to nine. Damn! I decided "fuck it, I'll do it tommorrow" and turned on the tv and got involved in a show about Tom Green that mormon fundamentalist guy with 5 wives or whatever. I love shows like that, but I had set the sleep timer on the tv because I knew I needed to be asleep by 10. I was all sorts of pissy about it which must have transferred into my dreams because though I don't remember most of them I know I had troubling dreams all night long. I remember waking up more than once thinking "remember this dream" but for the life of me I can't.

I have been having a lot of anxiety dreams though, involving the wedding. Stressed out much? I think so. This morning's involved a coworker of mine stealing my wedding rings and Aaron's too, then hawking them and being appalled that I was mad about it. Go figure.

Aaron brought me the gift of heat yesterday. I have been freezing my ass off at work for about two weeks now. It is always cold in there anyways, but since my little space heater died, it's been down right frosty. Kevin came in yesterday to me sitting at my desk in my ski jacket all zipped up complete with a scarf. "Good morning nanook!" was his greeting. I laughed, but I kept that coat on until lunchtime. So upon my request, Aaron went to Freddy's and picked me up a new one. Now I think tomorrow I may even be able to wear normal clothes! (Today I'm in long johns as well as clothes.)

Satchel is getting on my last fucking nerve the past few days. Seriously, this morning I had to stifle an urge. My sister and I always joke about stuff like this; but sometimes when you are walking in the mall and you see someone bent down tying their shoe do you ever get the urge as you are walking by them to just push them over? I don't always, but sometimes...or maybe there's a guy in line ahead of you at the grocery store and for some reason you just want to knee him in the ass... you ever get that urge? Lori and I do, and this morning I had one. I was walking past Satchel in the office and he was blocking the doorway to my area, standing there reading some fax advertisement, his puckered forehead moving up and down in that twitchy way it always does, and I seriously had to stifle the urge to cuff him upside his head. It struck me as funny, not that I'm a violent person but lately this pig fucker has been up in mah bizness like wouldn't believe. He walks in the door from doing one of his stupid errands and there are packages on my desk that I'm working on checking in. He walks up and starts looking at them... just to be fucking nosey. Or he'll see that there is mail in Kevin or John's bin and he'll pick it up and look at it. I just want to slap his hand and scream "THAT'S NOT YOURS!!!!" Lately his favorite thing to do is greet me at the door in the morning and tell me how many messages are left waiting on the voicemail. That's when I'm stifling the urge to shove my foot up his ass.

That and he makes the weakest coffee ever. He's not the only coffee drinker in the office and the rest of us have mentioned to him that he should let us make it because if it's too strong for his prissy ass he can at least water it down. But NOOoooo. I got tired of it last week and waited until he'd gotten his second cup and then refilled the maker with about as much water to fill the rest of the pot and dumped in a few more scoops of coffee. He complained all afternoon. I was beside myself with joy. God he irritates me.

Aaron and his mom's cat Minnie a few weeks ago.

Ben has become mr. needy and must be on the lap of anyone sitting down, even if it means making surf time on the net a difficult task. Don't look at my sloppy desk, it's clean now, I swear.


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