Thursday, November 13, 2003


I am totally in love with that song by frankie J and baby bash or whatever the hell they are called. Love it!

I was reading on the IMDB that Courtney Love pled innocent to drug charges, and called them 'retarded'. This explains why she is one of my favorite celebrities. How could you not love it? She gives the media so much fodder it's awesome. All the Molly Shannon impressions of her on SNL were fantastic, and that clip of her at the music awards back in ... 94? I think maybe 96? when she was throwing shit at Madonna during an after party interview...I love it! Mtv shows that shit on the uncensored awards show all the time. They talk about her mini skirt and bruised legs, and Madonna makes a reference to there always being "lots of available drugs" and Courtney doesn't have a clue... man, it's a sight to see, that's for sure. I dressed up as her for a 'come as your favorite celebrity' party several years ago... before she attempted to clean up her act. I wore nylons with runs in them, ratted my hair and smeared red lipstick across my face... heh, what I would give for pictures of that.

While I'm on the subject of pop culture, I think it's absolutely hilarious that Paris Hilton is freaking out about a sex tape. What a dumbass. There are a few things as a celebrity you just don't do. (Kobe Bryant should have paid attention to this... assuming he's not guilty. If he is guilty then the fucker should rot in jail, but if he's not... he should pay attention.) If you are well known, do not do anything on film that you would not want the entire world to see... I don't care if it's in the privacy of your own home or not... just don't fucking do it. Also, if you are a celebrity don't cheat on your spouse ... that shit will come back to bite you in the ass, and worse than being accused of cheating is being accused of rape... unfortunately as a celebrity you must assume that there are some unfriendly characters out there that will take advantage of you if you let them. Keep your manly bits (or your girly bits) to yourself and you won't have that problem. I don't think this is that difficult.

Several years ago... it was the October of 1998 if I recall, my parents went to Reno for a weekend and Left me and Lori home alone. Holly came over and spent the weekend with us as well, and the two of us got Lori totally drunk one night on whiskey and tequila. The three of us got fucking obliterated is more like it. It was one of our bright ideas to make a music video... heh, so we got all dolled up, purple lipstick, glitter you name it, and set up the video camera. We set lams on their sides, so it would have a spot light effect, and took turns lipsynching, dancing and all out performing to spice girls songs and the like.

It ended up looking like a class on 'interpretive dance while intoxicated' and it.was.not.pretty. We didn't watch much because in the light of day it was absolutely fucking mortifying... I shredded the tape. I'm not even famous and I knew that I couldn't let that tape see the light of day EVER again. Let's just say there was a lot of Enya on the tape, and us dancing around like a bunch of drunk fairies... trying to sing the words. God... the things alcohol will do to you.

So I registered for school yesterday. I am taking Astronomy, math and expository writing... which I don't really know what that class entails, but I need the writing credit so expository writing it is! 16 credits next quarter... this quarter was 15, and that extra credit is on my Astronomy class... and it frightens me. One more credit could mean more work... more pains in the ass (is that possible?!) harder stuff to do... arg. I curse myself daily for not doing this shit RIGHT AFTER HIGH SCHOOL! If I bust my ass I might be finished with my master's and everything by the end of 2007... when I'M 30. Seriously, if you are debating on when to go back to school, or are just finishing high school now... do it. Take it from me... it doesn't get any easier, just... do it now.

These are the ones that crack me up...

Corey makes a handsome face...

There's a thumb in my nostril, dear Liza.

This is why you don't let Lori take self portraits with you... she loves you so much she'll cut your head off!

Dave, the karaoke guy sneaks into a pic of Lisa and I.

Sue gets animated!

This is Willie's 'O' face... heh

Nate gets... hypothetical?

hmm... there are so many things I could say about what I think Holly is pointing to here... but I'll leave them up to your imagination.

*these next few pictures are my favorite of the night!*

We always tease Maria that Dave has a crush on her. Here's them having a little chat...

awww... so cute

Then Holly steps in and says "fool, back away from my mother!" This picture cracks my shit up... the fact that Holly has dave by the shirt... man if ever a picture was worth a thousand words this is it. :-)


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