Tuesday, November 25, 2003


So I had a nice surprise last night. My sister had called me and asked if she could stop by when I got home from the gym. I said sure, and asked why but she was pretty vague so I figured she must've gotten her hair cut or something. So I get home and was making my dinner, and she shows up. No sooner had she walked in had she heard a knock at the door. (Incidentally, no she didn't get a haircut or anything.) I told her to go ahead and answer it. I walked to the door behind her, and in walks Ashley. Ashley who I had talked to on the phone about an hour before hand and had no idea she came home for Thanksgiving. (she lives in Arizona) We had a great time sitting around watching tv and chatting. I can't wait until she moves back, she is really missed around here.

I need to give big props to Robyn, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!! YOU ROCK!!! I am sending you an email as soon as this entry is posted. Seriously, I really appreciate it. :-)

I worked my tail off at the gym last night. I am kind of dicking around with the idea of starting a food/excercise log. That's all it would be really... just an account of what I'm eating and how I'm excercising... mainly to make myself have some accountability and also so I can track what seems to work and what doesn't. I don't know if I'll publish it or not... probably. I originally had this grand idea of posting in there all the time and making it look really cool, but let's face it... I don't keep up on the wedding diary as much as I should either... school man... it leaves me no free time!

In actuality I had a mini freak out the other day because I realized just how freakin much I have left to do.... ohmygoodness, the heartbeat starts going into overtime when I think about it now. I will probably sit down this weekend and write in there though... we'll see.

Send some good thoughts our way if you would. We have some family shit going down before christmas involving custody battles and my idiot relatives. Just because you can have children doesn't mean you deserve to keep them. Especially when you are a self centered idiot fuck who puts purchasing cigarettes on a higher priority before buying baby formula and paying the heat bill. Anyway, don't get me started. Just please send good vibes our way.

So much to do between now and Turkey day... we are having dinner at my mom's around 1, then after dinner we'll go to Aaron's dad's for a bit, then his mom's for a bit, and hopefully end up at my grandma's for a bit. Long day. Since I bought a shitload of yams (I always overdo this shit) I didn't know how much to buy so I loaded up a bag full. They were 39 cents a pound... I had like 9 bucks worth... yeah. I have a lot of yams. So I will now not only be making them for our post-Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, I will also be making them for my mom's dinner. I hope they turn out; I've never cooked them before. I also have 4 pies to make. And then there's the whole 'clean the house' thing. yikes.

I like to call this picture: 'Holly and flapper yellow fang" I hate hate HATE how red lipstick makes my teeth look positively urine-yellow. ugh.

I kept saying to Holly all night "DAYAM that's a big ass feather!"

This is Holly's Uncle Julian; his character only had one arm. Pretty convincing eh? He was cracking us all up all night with his 'country southern' accent. It's so wierd to hear people you know talk differently... this time it was fucking hilarious.


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