Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I have so much stuff to get done tonight it's insane. I am skipping the gym this evening, but that's ok because I plan on being there tomorrow morning. I am going to drop off the pies and yams at my moms in the morning, then I'll go bust my ass at the gym, come home and go pick up grandpa before heading back over to mom's. Busy morning!

So, in wedding news Aaron is going to invite his ex. Heh, those who know me will be shocked that I am ok with this news. (I am a wee bit jealous... wee bit.) Granted, I am not arranging for an engraved invitation for her or anything, but they have not been together in like 10 years or something crazy like that. Am I ok with it? Yes. Will I be flashing my ring at her every chance I get? You bet your ass. :-) He has been trying to track down several friends from when he lived in spokane back in the early nineties. To his credit, he asked me if I minded if he invited her, and I didn't even need to stop and think about it. I told him I didn't mind at all. (Of course this is after I made him play a round of "what if"... "what if you guys start talking and it seems like old times... will you leave me for her?" his answer "no" me: "what if she has a pretty dress on, will you leave me for her?" his answer "no".. ok, she can come. :-P)

I have the holiday itch... I am also itching to be done with school. I have finals on the 6th and 10th of december, and the last day of classes is the 5th. One more week people... I am giddy with excitement.

I wrote the following paragraph in a flurry of anger last night:

Pig dick. Satchel is a fucking pig dick. Earlier this afternoon he came to me wanting me to file a warranty claim for stuff we took care of in house; rather then sending them out to the factory. I should note, that dickface is the only salesperson here who refuses to send most of his stuff out to the factories. So because of this I was not familiar with the procedure. I tell him I don’t know how to go about it; and before I can finish my sentence to say “I need to find out how to do it” he snaps at me: “well figure it out!” Immediately I jumped down his throat and said “Don’t you snap at me like that. Don’t ever talk to me like that if you want my help!” He backed down immediately and apologized then proceeded to tell me why exactly I needed to learn how to do this. I replied “Yes I understand that, but everyone else sends the warranty stuff out, you are the only one who doesn’t. That’s why I don’t know. I’ll send our admin in Everett an email.” He huffs off and not 5 fucking minutes later I hear him talking to someone in Everett about it, asking them to teach me how to do it. DICK! I fucking told him I would take care of it. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. I am not a two year old, and I am perfectly capable of contacting the people I need to contact in order to get this done! Why he has to stick his ugly ass nose into everything is beyond me. I told him I would handle it now back the fuck off mother fucker!

Yeah. I was kinda pissed. Used it at the gym though to propel me and today my legs are sore so I guess there was a positive outcome to his jerkishness after all.

I was going to write a list of things I am thankful for, but really it would end up being pretty standard. I think you all know what I am most grateful for anyway. (duh, Aaron!)

Well, I am off ... time to end this rambly entry. I will make an effort to post on Friday and who knows, maybe even tomorrow night. We'll see.

Have a safe and happy Holiday.

sweet nothings and back alley jones ... awww

a picture of all the guys in costume

I was pretty much ready to go home at this point.

Lori and Ashley spent the day downtown yesterday and this is a pic of Lor, she has become quite the hat queen. She looks so cute in them. I love love love this picture. I would post one of Ash, but she would probably not be pleased.


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