Monday, September 08, 2003


How was your weekend? I had a good one; though not as good as these yahoos. I mean, I agree and all that the proposed ten cent tax on coffee is infringing on small businesses and the like, and even though the CEO of Starbucks probably makes like a jillion bucks, and could stand to lose ten cents a cup... I just don't agree with a mandatory tax to pay for child care. I just don't. If it were to make healthcare free for everyone, well then OK. Tax me. But child care? Why should I have to pay for someone else's kids to go to daycare? Anyway, I'm drifting here, but while I don't agree with it I probably wouldn't don a costume circa 1790 and take to the shores of Greenlake to reenact the Boston Tea Party in protest. But damn, if I woulda known it was happening I sure as hell would've gone down to take a gander. People just amaze me.

So, Aaron and I have crossed another milestone in our relationship. Not only did we hit the 9 month mark yesterday (which we celebrated by exchanging the exact same card... it's fate I tell you), but on Saturday afternoon I took the plunge and farted in front of him. :-) Not to be completely adolescent here, but I fart all the time around him, just quietly. He's never noticed, so I never fess up. That is until Saturday afternoon. We had spent the morning grocery shopping and running errands, and found ourselves lounging around the apartment for a few hours before I made chicken soft tacos for dinner. He was playing video games in the living room (about 30 feet away I would guess) and I was in the bedroom, crocheting and watching a Sex in the City DVD. I was nodding off and let one rip apparently, and it was loud enough to wake the dead. I froze in sheer panic for a moment, then thought "ah fuck it" and laughed. I was testing the waters to see if he had heard me. Sure enough I could hear him giggle in the front room. Ah man. I was mortified. But glad that first fart moment is now overwith.

Saturday night we found ourselves at my favorite Karaoke joint with Dwayne and Lisa. Holly and Maria came down for a bit, as did my sister and a good time was had by all. Lisa and I performed two Dixie Chicks songs with all the enthusiasm you can possibly imagine... of course all of it fueled by beer and peppermint schnapps. I had a definite buzz and woke up about 8 jillion times to pee that night.

Wow, just what were you expecting for a Monday entry besides Farting and Peeing?

Sunday was spent at my cousin's cabin (Dawn and Ryan)... for a big ol' Polenske family get together. My dad's cousin Steve had flown in from Minnesota, so it was a sort of reunion for everyone. I had actually never met Steve, and most of the family hadn't seen him in a long time. (The last time my parents saw him was at their wedding; he was in the wedding party.) We ate some pasta salad, and sampled some of the 6 kinds of macaroni salad (next time we should all touch base before comitting to bringing mac. salad), and just had a good time. Lori took some professional type pictures of Aaron and I... ok, so she's not a pro, but she knows her shizzle. I put them on their own page here, so anyone who doesn't feel like gazing upon the mushyness that is us doesn't have to. :-) We had to climb down a rocky/mossy embankment, and Lori kept trying to get us into positions that required balancing on tree roots and rocks and such. It was kinda fun though. I don't know about the big hair though... I like it when I curl it, but in pictures it makes my face seem kind of giant... could just be me.

Anyhoo, that's about all I can offer up for now; so here are a few pics from the family reunion...

That's Lori and I in the back, with our cousins Cassie (in the middle) and Cori. I can't believe they are so grown up. When I was their age, I was babysitting them as babies. Man. Time flies.

Don't be scared, that's just 90% of the Polenske brood.

Evan gets a kiss from his Great Grandpa.

I'll post more throughout the week.


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