Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Well, the previously mentioned cold has now moved south and as we speak is invading my chestular region. Of course, I still can't breathe through my nose, and as it was the night before, spent last night up every hour administering sinex and wasting kleenex. I did go home early yesterday and slept for like 5 hours. I went back to bed in the evening, but I still feel like shit. I am seriously under the damn weather. I have a wedding to go to this weekend, I was supposed to meet an old friend for dinner tomorrow night, I actually have a dentist appointment tomorrow which at this point seems ridiculous... I lost the temporary crown last weekend. Did I mention that? In one of my coughing jags or perhaps when I was gargling salt water, which didn't fucking help I lost it. I just don't care. The last thing I want to do tomorrow is sit there, trying to breathe while the dentist whittles around in my mouth... I don't have the strength. Or the sick time. I have minimal sick time and am considering going home early today and just taking the time lost as a loss... Fuck it. I need to be well come Monday... I need to not be sick when school starts.

I'm tired of being in a drug haze... I am the pharmaceutical industry's favorite type of sickie. Monday it was tylenol sinus and nyquil. Yesterday it was mentholatum rub and advil cold and sinus. Today... suphedurine nasal decongestant and expectorant. Basically I would buy donkey shit capsules if they promised to unplug my nose. Sadly, this is true. If it states that it will do it, I'll buy it. But IT NEVER WORKS.

Incidentally have I mentioned how much I hate Satchel? In my few hours of absence since Monday he has left me a plethora of little notes on my desk. I don't have the energy to actually crumple them up and cram them one byone up his ass, so for now they sit in a pile and about every 10-15 minutes or so, or whenever I remember they are there I give them the stink eye and wish I was evil enough to lick his phone and pass on this cold to him. But I'm not.

So much to write about and talk about, but no energy so I will stop rambling now and leave you with this:

I saw this picture in people magazine and found it online. (yes, I did edit out a nipple... this is a family site! right...) I find it absolutely hilarious that Snoop Dogg showed up to the VMA's with two chick's on leashes. And two local chicks too if you know what I mean; they look like he picked em up at the local 7-11 right before. I don't think it's degrading or whatever. Hey, if you can get two girls to go with you to a major awards show with leashes on and you as their master, more power to ya. That's the true measure of success. Right snoop?


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