Tuesday, September 09, 2003


I was in bed and asleep - ASLEEP at 10:15 or so last night. Amazing. I usually can't fall asleep till close to midnight as a general rule. I also dreamt I was married to Sean Penn, who was seriously wearing the worst toupee I think I've ever seen. Weird.

I pulled the temporary crown off again. Moron. Luckily the dentist's office called this morning and my permanent crown is in; so I'll go in later on and have it seated. I am fiendin' for some gum like you wouldn't believe.

I didn't go to the gym last night, because I had lost the ability to breathe through my nose. I am getting a bit of a cold; and was exhausted anyway. So I went home and did pilates instead, and that shit hurts. My lower back is sorer than a mofo this morning. I hate Mari Winsor by the way. "Let's test that powerhouse." um screw you. I even quit about 9 moves before the work out was officially over. The most difficult moves are at the end though, in my opinion anyway and I am not down with balancing on my tail bone with both legs out and at 45 degree angles in the air. (like a v) with my hands holding my legs in place on the lower calf... yeah. Not so much.

My Godson started Kindergarten this year. Good lord. I feel old. This is the same boy I watched come into the world almost 6 years ago. (He'll be 6 on October 6th) And now he's in school. I remember thinking about all this kinda stuff when he was a baby; and it seemed so far away. Man. I was going to post the picture I have of him at Kindergarten on here; but can't find where I put it on this dang computer. ARG.

Anyway, I am too tired for this today; so I'll leave you with some pictures...

Evan says 'Pucker up!'

Lori and I. Lori deserved a prize for saving the day on sunday. I dropped Aaron's digital camera off the side of the deck at the cabin, and it fell about 3 feet or so; then rolled under the deck. Lori climbed over the deck and fished it out with a broom. Man, she's brave. There were like bugs and leaves and stuff under there.


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