Monday, September 29, 2003


Man... what a couple of days. I have been in a state of utter disbelief since Thursday. *Note* If you didn't read the previous post, I would scroll down now; before I go on.

Thursday night Aaron came home early; and we hung out while watching tv for a bit, then I insisted I had to get some sleep. So around 10:30 or so; I brushed my teeth and got ready to climb into bed. Aaron was sitting there grinning at me with this huge smile. I said "What?" to which he grinned some more and shrugged his shoulders. I laughed and siad "what's the smile for?" And he responded "Can't I just smile and be happy?" I said "of course you can" and got into bed. I was sitting there and Aaron said "well... actually there is one thing..." and he got down on his knees on the side of the bed. All I could see was that little grey box in his hand and the tears started. I remember the first few things he said; but after that it's a complete and total blur. I was a bawling mess. (You know; I've read other people's journals, and they always mention how they couldn't remember what their fiancee' was saying, because it all became a blur... and I vowed never to let that happen to me. And you know; I think it's knee jerk. You get so overwhelmed with what is happening you just stop hearing words and seeing anything; all I could think was "Holy shit I'm getting married!) We called my sister and my mom, who at 11pm proceeded to call everyone she could think of on 3way.

Aaron had asked my parent's permission on Tuesday of that week, to which they of course had said yes. They are absolutely ecstatic... and really that's putting it mildly. I couldn't sleep that night for anything, and ended up laying in the dark with my mind racing. The next morning I went to school; unable to concentrate; just gazing at this beautiful ring on my hand. I went to the financial aid office to see about taking a quarter off of school next year so we could get married without the added pressure of school. It turned out to be no big thing at all, so we set the date for November 6, 2004. I also went out and bought my weight in bridal magazines. We picked a color scheme of periwinkle and silver and white.

We want the wedding to have a sort of wintery fairy tale theme. Lots of white trees with twinkle lights is what I'm envisioning. My aunt and uncle have agreed to do the music for our wedding; (they used to run a professional dj service), and I think we have nailed down who our officiant will be as well as who will make the cake; though both could change.

We also picked our wedding party, and my aunt has offered to make the dresses for the flower girls (her granddaughters) and the preliminary guest list has also been started. Not bad for only being engaged a couple of days no? I also set up a wedding diary over on diaryland, but it's not ready yet. I will link to that from here, and most of the wedding talk will go on over there; so I don't bore y'all. :-)

I just can't get over the fact that I'm engaged.... I had a lot of fun telling people we were getting married. I told Troy "Aaron is not my boyfriend anymore." all serious and stuff... he said "what?" he heard me, but was shocked. "yeah" I said with a somber face. Then I held up my hand and screamed "He's my fiancee!"

I have been terribly emotional the last few days. I think today is the first day I haven't gotten teary or cried at all... thank you lord. My eyelids were hurting yesterday. When I went to my mom's work on Friday morning to show her my ring, I cried as she dragged me around and showed me off. Then that afternoon when I asked Tatum to be a bridesmaid we both got a little teary. Saturday I was ok for much of the day until I talked to my aunt leenie on the phone, and we got a little teary together.

Yesterday in the car on the way out to pick up my Grandpa for dinner, we were listening to the song 'It's your love' by Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill. It's one of my favorite songs ever, and it just got to me. All of a sudden I'm driving and weeping and though Aaron says it's sweet when I get emotional like that I felt like a nut. We are thinking of having that song sung at the ceremony. Last night I was watching the final disk in season 2 of Felicity (thank you
Netflix!) And I'll be damned if I didn't start crying when Ben tells Felicity he loves her. Man. Y'all better buckle up; because, according to The Knot I have 404 days until I become Mrs. Martin, and the emotional ride is about to get bumpy :-). 404 days... That so does not seem like a lot. I wonder how many paydays that is?



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