Wednesday, September 24, 2003


My head hurts man... for the past two days it's been hurting. I hate that.

Did you feel the earth move this morning? Or see and Pigs up in the air aloft on their wings of gold? I had a startling revelation in Math class... I actually kind of like it. I know... that one thought scares me right down to the core. Simply because that is a phrase I have never, ever uttered. Granted... we are still in the very early review phase of all of this. The homework load is somewhat daunting, especially when paired with my other two classes. The sheer amount of reading is just mind boggling. But I like that it's a computer course... makes doing the work sort of like playing a computer game. It's extensive in it's explanations of problems and sometimes tedious... but I am reviewing well. I got a 100 on my quiz this morning, and that in itself is enough to throw a fucking party for.

I think the main thing I am struggling with in general is just getting organized. Trying to plot my life around homework and stuff. I think I may be using my weekends a lot for paper writing. I need to be in bed by 9:30 or 10 and that limits me to how much time I have for working out and homework... I just gotta find the groove in all of this and it will fit together smoothly. I think.

I went out to dinner last night with my mom, my sis, and my grandpa; as we did last year in honor of my grandma. We went to where we always go; a local place in Auburn called Trotters. For some damn reason I always look forward to going there "ooh, I love Trotters!" Then we get there and I look at the menu and am once fucking again dismayed at my options. Unless I want something fried, battered, and/or served on a roll there just ain't much to choose from. And what really chaps my hide is that those fuckers take the exact same lunch item, add two pieces of bland toast and call it a dinner item and charge almost 3 bucks more. I don't want 5 pieces of greasy ass fish with french fries and two pieces of toast... for ten bucks. I will however just take the fish and fries and pay 6.99. Oh... it's after 4pm, so I don't have that option. Well, isn't that just jim dandy. Gah.

Lori and I did as usual go into fits of giggles at dinner as we usually do. I believe it is how we deal with stress. We know why we're at dinner, but no one speaks about it, or about grandma... as it's just too hard. So instead, Lori and I become idiots. The giggles started when I pointed out the PB&J 'Sammitch' on the menu. Then again, when I inquired if it was bad manners to administer nasal spray at the dinner table. Our poor mother is horrified by our behavior when this happens, and tries hard not to laugh along to prove her disdain, but always gives in and ends up giggling. I think I laughed the hardest when my grandpa told us he had asked a certain family member if it was true that he had given his wife until March to decide if she wants a divorce and when the family member said yes Grandpa replied "Good, take the damn dog with you when you go". I just about died laughing. He manages to take everything the family feels and rolls it up into a great one liner every time.

Well kids, I'm off to go finish reading about the Bushmen of Namibia... and try to figure out exactly how this fits into my sociology paper. Wish me luck.

I just love the pictures of him on the red blanket...


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