Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Yeah, I know. I didn't update yesterday. I was curled up in the fetal position for most of the day, dealing with a migraine. It came on in the afternoon on Sunday. Nothing helped. I woke up yesterday morning, and it was still there but manageable so I went to work. Exactly 15 minutes under those fluorescent lights moved the headache's status to 'fucking painful' so I went home at the halfway mark. Yeah. I was the headache's bitch yesterday. I slept most the day, took two percogesic pills and wouldn't you know it, that headache went away. Finally. Of course it came back a little bit, and is still laying low today... I can feel it, but it's a functioning headache, so it's all good.

On Saturday I had some of the girls I went to high school with over for a potluck. It was a nice time, we don't get to see each other much, and it's always nice to catch up. It was a chance for me to show Aaron off too; as most of them hadn't met him yet. Jessica brought her new boyfriend Kevin, so Aaron had another male to commiserate with. He had to leave early though to go to work for a few hours, so I used that time to spend some one on one time with Cathy and Chloe. It was great!

When Aaron got home, it was close to 9pm and we were bored bored bored, but didn't really know what to do. After much himming and hahing we decided to head on down to Scarecrow Video. I had no idea that they were mainly a rental place. I really want that french movie La Boum but since it's out of print, the bastards wanted a $200 deposit to rent it to me. Uh no. Aaron tried to rationalize with me that I would get that money back (it would be on a credit card) but that's too much responsibility for me. So we putzed around in there for a while and decided we were starving, so we headed to IHOP for our midnight dinner.

Sunday I slept in until 10... did you feel the earth move? Cause it never happens. When we finally got our shit together, we went down to the Seattle waterfront and to The Ye Olde Curiosity Shop where I bought some Mexican Jumping Beans. We ended up having dinner at my mom's and I crashed into bed right around 9pm with the aforementioned headache.

Speaking of the jumping beans, the cats are being drove insane with the incessant tapping coming from the little plastic case. They ignore it for the most part, but I keep finding the case in wierd places... the kitchen floor, under the coffee table, near the sliding glass door.

When the head pain subsided last night I decided I felt fat and gross and needed to work out. So I did some free weights, Cindy Crawford style (I LOVE that segment) and then decide to give the ol' Winsor Pilates a go. Man. That shit sucks. I hate stretching. More than anything I think. And all the 'reaching' and 'centering my powerhouse' shit was tiring. And brought back a little of the head pain. I didn't make it through the whole 50 minutes... I made it through most of it. But that one where you lay on your back and bring your feet up over your head so your toes are on the floor behind your head... I can't do that without doing a full fledged backwards somersalt... how the fuck do you spell that anyway? Reguardless, my tummy muscles are a little sore today... so I may put mysef through that shit again tonight. Beats running on a treadmill... I think.

That's Chloe, Me, Cathy, Quyen and Jessica in front.

This is what they did all afternoon yesterday. Must be hard to be a cat.


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