Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I have to go to the dentist today. I'll go into work for like 2 hours, take a waaaaayyy early break and then go and have my temporary crown pried off (hence all the chewing gum this morning... I've got a wad the size of a golf ball going right now. The better to loosen it with!) then they'll glue the permanent one on. I hate shit like this. Probably more than actual dental work. There are a million reasons really, but the only two that occupy my mind right now are that #1 I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE the sound of the scrapers and other tools of torture scraping around in my mouth. More than the sensations or pain the sound is enough to send me over the edge. #2, the fact that glue and shit is involved guarantees a period of time that I'll have what I like to call 'dental mouth'. That's the hour or day or once it was fucking 2 months when you can't rid yourself of the godawful taste of the dental work. Glue, Latex, scrapers, whatever the fuck they put in my mouth... the taste lingers. Once when it lasted damn near 2 months I actually prayed that God would take the taste out of my mouth. It wore me down people. So yeah. Wish me luck. I don't think I get nitrus for this appointment either, which doesn't exactly thrill me. At least give me that much... a nice pre-noontime high. I love me some nitrus. And I'm telling you if they put that shit in Gynecologist offices, there would be an abundance of women who wouldn't mind going. Hook us up to a little nitrus and shut the fuck up. Do your thing, hand me the headphones and that foreigner cd. ...No, don't talk. I don't care what you're doing, just let me turn up the volume on this here 'Head Games'. I'm telling you... it would be a new experience. I know when I'm in the dentist chair he could be planting roses in my gum tissue and as long as the sweet nitrus is flowing I don't give a shit.

Anyhoo, I was perusing the news sites and found this article and it literally made me fucking sick. WHY is shit like this still going on in the world? WHY? Why have no civilized countries stepped in and said "enough with this primitive ass way of life!" I mean what the fuck? I don't expect us all to be on the same wavelength, but here I sit in front of my electric doo dad that enables me to send messages all over the world with a click of a button, air my opinions in a world wide forum, in a room with a switch that turns on a light, in an apartment that I share with *gasp* a man...where we have this big box that keeps things cold and a smaller box that heats them up. We also have one of them talkin' picture boxes and a contraption that makes a ringing noise and when you pick it up my mom or my friend or the lady who doesn't speak english and is always asking for 'dani' is on the other end. and across the planet they are still milking goats, drinking river water and stoning people to death. I mean I don't think they are ready for wireless web yet, but fuck... IT'S two thousand fucking three... that should account for something. At least in my small little mind.

Did you see the Real World last night? I hate Adam. I do. He irritates the shit out of me. I think the people over at
TwoP are right on the money with the whole "Adam loves Ace" thing. Gawd. I can't stand the fucker. I hate him almost as much as satchel. As for Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica... I hate to say it, but I'm hooked on that show. She is such a spoiled brat baby. Last night she panicked because she spent 750 bucks on underwear. Mind you... 2 bras and 2 pairs of panties. Nick says "didn't you look at the price tag?" Um... why would you even have to ask that? WHO shops at designer fucking boutiques and doesn't expect to get taken for a ride when purchasing anything name brand? Hell I'm so cheap I won't spend 30 bucks on underwear let alone anything that came close to triple digits. HELL no. Also, they seem to fight and argue alot. That makes me sad. I know some people have relationships like that where they are all snippy to each other... but I find it really sad. This is their first year of marriage... they should be enjoying the hell out of it and not biting each other's heads off. ARg.

smells wike... jumping beans


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