Monday, August 18, 2003


I made homeade pizza for dinner last night. I invited Lori over, and made a meat pizza for her and my meat loving roomie :-D and one that was half meat loving and half onion, green pepper and mushroom... I minced some garlic beforehand, and spread it over the crust, then spread the sauce. I foolishly thought I needed to mince more. Luckily I had already suspected that I may be a little ocd about it, so I threw the remainer of the garlic away... I had already minced about 8 cloves... I know, I know... shut up. I never think I am going to have enough. Case in point... I have a bag and a half of cheese left. Aaron told me I was probably buying too much... but as usual, I wanted to be 'on the safe side." Anyway, so I spread the minced garlic on the pizza bread, then the sauce, then the rest of the stuff. After dinner we were all still tasting Garlic and offending ourselves... we couldn't offend each other because the stench of garlic emating from all three of us was indistinguishable... is that even a word? Basically we all stunk equally. Today I am confident I will suffer no attacks from vampires, plus I have the added advantage of offending anyone who comes within 6 feet of me, AND the pleasure of tasting said garlic every time I breathe in. and out.

Friday night... got my nails done... ran a few errands, then was surprised when Aaron got home and we went to a few bookstores and made a late night safeway stop. Saturday morning I was up at the buttcrack of dawn as usual these days... 6:30 am... could not fall back asleep. WTF. I was exhausted, I just could not sleep. Aaron went to work for a few hours, and I putzed around the house. Curled my hair, won an ebay auction for my sweetie... oh how he loves me :-) then we went to the outlet malls in North bend. We got him an Eddie Bauer winter Jacket for like 45 bucks. Good deal. We bought some books and some fudge and then went over to Stacy and Willie's house for Nachos and board games. We played Uno and Compatability... I had a headache when we got there, and 6 advil and one 800 mg Ibuprofen later... not all at once, over a timespan of about 6 hours... the headache was still raging. Possibly worse than it was to begin with. A few hours later, we got home and I took a vicoden, and passed out. I woke up around 6 am, still with the headache, took one more, dozed till 9... got up and ate... was pleasantly woozy. I fell back asleep around 11, and slept until a quarter after 1. The only reason I dragged myself out of bed then was I knew that Aaron would be home in 45 minutes to take me to a movie, and I really wanted to go. Thankfully the headache was gone, but I was still kinda woozy. We went and saw 'Uptown Girls'... during which the dreaded headache returned. Luckily I had advil with me and it basically took care of it. We went grocery shopping and then I went home and took a nap.

I feel more rested... I just stink. OH yeah, I've been watching the Felicity dvds too... I am not ashamed to say that I am enjoying them. Even if Lori threatened to disown me.

Such a pretty baby


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