Monday, August 11, 2003


So we get to our camp site on Friday, and begin to set up the tent... withing about 3 minutes the bugs are landing on us. I am a hysterical bug phobic... I freak out... no... FREAK OUT when bugs touch me. I have gotten better in the last few years, but after we were there a few minutes I was walking around with a concerned look on my face. Arms crossed and Lori says "You're already disgusted aren't you?" I kind of laughed and nodded... then I notified her that she had a mosquito on her forehead. "Awww... man!" was her reply. Yep... she got a bug bite before we were even there long enough to lay down roots. Out came the bug spray ... and overindulgence of said deet products began. We got everything set up, including the chairs. We weren't allowed campfires, as there is a burn ban right now. So we sat down I with my book, Lori with the gameboy and Aaron with his Sega Game Gear. We all did our own thing for a while... ate some junk food, (Dorito's Guacamole Chips kick ass!) complained about not bringing enough food... actually we just packed a minimal amount of shitty food... there was plenty, just not enough chocolate and stuff... which was the plan anyway, but I digress... then the battleship wars began. We always bring the game battleship when we go camping... I used to be the undisputed queen of battleship. Apparently my title has been stolen by my ingrate sister. I won one game out of four... she beat me twice and Aaron beat me once. Man.

Our camping comrades hadn't shown up by 9pm and we figured they would probably be showing up the next morning... even though we were kind of counting on them showing up that night. So we bellyached about food a little more and giggled and listened to music via the stereo in the truck. Around 9:30 we were sitting around when the very distinct, very familiar sound wafted into our campsite. The sound of a coyote's howl... it didn't even alarm me a little bit... probably because I've always heard it on tv or whatever... it never occurred to me that there might be dangerous animals out where we were. Aaron said "ooh, did you hear that?" Then it happened again and my sister began to quietly freak out, which in turn caused me to start to freak out. The coyote wasn't within a 10 foot range of us or anything... but it was way too close for comfort. Aaron pointed out that we didn't have much to defend ourselves with if we were confronted by anything... I pointed out that if we had a campfire or more people there it would be better, because the more activity the more likely we were to be left alone. To make a long story short we packed the hell up and came home. It sucked because we wanted to camp... but safely. So we sang at the top of our lungs to Foreigner's 'Jukebox Hero' which Lori and I have decided is the best song ever. When we got home Aaron took Lori home and I put most of the camping stuff away... as soon as Aaron walked back through the door we finished putting the gear in storage and promptly went to bed.

We woke up saturday and decided to go see a movie. We saw Bad Boys 2... that's one long fucking movie. that's one gory fucking movie. It was ok... I like the theme song ... shake ya tail feathers or some shit... then mom and I went to some bookstores and Petsmart while Aaron went to work for a few hours. I came home and cleaned up the apartment a little bit and when Aaron came home we went to Walmart for a few odds and ends. When we got home he put in the movie 'Final Destination 2' which didn't sit well with me... I tried to watch it, but death and scary shit... no thank you. About halfway through I noticed Ben batting at something on the wall by the screen door. IT WAS A BIG FUCKING SPIDER. I'm talking big like... you would feel like you were squishing a baby bird or something comparable in size. I screamed "NO BEN!!!" I did not want him freaking the spider out, sending it running in mine and Aaron's direction. Aaron was quite taken aback by the size of the thing too... we both danced around the living room trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I usually wad up paper towels and squish and wipe and be done with it... but that was not happening with this one. We pulled the blinds away from it and I grabbed the cats and locked them in the bedroom... finally we were able to get close enough to move the screen door and Aaron armed with a broom was ready to sweep the little fucker outside. (this is after he had to tell me to calm down because I was stressing him out :-P) It was funny in retrospect, but at the time we were in a panic... at least I was. He swept once and the thing resisted and ran towards us, which prompted me to scream for all I was worth and that kickstarted Aaron's reflexes and with a stronger sweep the nasty little bugger was outside. We were totally and utterly grossed out. I still think... or rather hope that that thing snuck in our stuff from the 4 hour camp trip... I hope nothing that gross lives ouside our door. Ugh.

Sunday we did a whole lot of nothing... I ran to the grocery store and we had orange juice, eggs in a frame, and peaches and milk for breakfast. I was craving eggs in a frame and Aaron had never had them... so good. You just butter both sides of a piece of bread, cut out a circle in the middle of the bread (using a juice glass) then put them in the frying pan, crack an egg into the middle of the circle and let them fry. Flip once and serve. You also fry up the center circles for extra dipping in the yolk... damn, I want one now. I peeled and cut up the peach and poured milk and sugar over it in a sundae cup... my grandma used to give us that in the summer time when I was little. Aaron didn't like it, but it was divine to me. Though the peach could have been a little more ripe.

Aaron spent much of the morning watching "cool car shows" I dozed on the couch for a bit, perused the Sunday ads and travel section, took a bubble bath and then we went grocery shopping. We came home I laid down to take a nap... ended up turning on the show "For Better or Worse" on Tlc... and got stressed out, thus scrapping any chance of a nap. That show... the bride and groom relinquish any and all planning of their wedding to a team made up of friends and family... and have to be happy with however it turns out. RARELY does anyone take the bride's taste into concern when it comes to her gown and watching this poor girls mom and mother in law buy her the exact opposite gown of what she wanted and being so tickled about making her into a princess.. when she really wanted something elegant and simple and not poofy and princesslike... made my blood boil. IT'S THEIR WEDDING... DO WHAT THEY WOULD WANT TO DO... NOT WHAT YOU WOULD WANT. Arg. Then I realized if you are stupid enough to relinquish all the power in that situation to your family you pretty much deserve whatever crap they pick out.

Aaron's brother and sister came over last night... which sent us into a whirlwind of vacuuming and bathroom cleaning... because I am my mother apparently and no one can see my house a tad bit messy let alone unvacuumed. We ate dinner and watched "True Hollywood Story" Jenna Jameson on E! while we waited for them to arrive. We had a discussion... Aaron and I... because Jenna Jameson... she's a porn star for those of you not in the know... anyway she apparently wants kids but doesn't know exactly how she'll explain to them her career choices. Not that she's ashamed you know, because she's so proud of herself and the empire she's built... whatever dude. I yelled at the tv "Don't be a porn star then, and you won't have to freakin worry about it! why do something you wouldn't want your kids to do?" So Aaron kind of laughs as he always does when I yell at the television, and says "so if you were a porn star you'd want your kids to follow in your footsteps?" I smiled and said "that's exactly why I'm not a porn star (yeah that and I'm not a whore) so I don't have to worry about it... do I want my kids to grow up and be a receptionist? hmm... not really, just because it's not the best job out there, and doesn't exactly thrill me to the core... but if that's the path they choose I'm ok with it... it's a respectable job. Not like getting... well I won't say what I said because it's gross, but I think you get my drift.

Aaron and Lori duke it out for the battleship championship title.

Before we heard the somber yowl...

Singing our lungs out to the best song ever... Jukebox Hero by Foreigner

This picture is on the front too, but it cracks me up so I thought I'd put it here as well... this is Lori after she heard the coyote howling.... she's going to beat it with a stick if need be.


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