Monday, July 21, 2003


I can't believe it's over. I had a blast this weekend, but it's over so freakin fast. Aaron came home early on Friday, I was supposed to go running at the track with my sister... but it was like a million degrees outside... ok, so it was probably 80 or so. But still. We had headaches, and just didn't feel like exerting ourselves. So I went to Target and bought Aaron a camping chair. I know, talk about exerting myself. Is it just me or do you resent it when the greasy, 6'3", 110lb security guard at Target asks to see your receipt when you are exiting the store? They don't ask everyone, and I don't think it would matter if they did... I resent the hell out of it. I walked right by "Jeremy" as he was harassing some other customer, and left... as I was on my way out to my car I wondered what the protocol is when you leave without being 'verified'. Can they follow you outside to see your receipt? Or must they look in the store? Because it was hot and sticky out, and because I was experiencing a mind shattering headache I was ready to tell Jeremy to go fuck himself if he followed me outside. That technically they can't do shit to me because I did purchase my items, I have proof... but didn't feel like sharing it with the likes of him. You know... there really is no point to the last paragraph, because I got to my car without incident... it was just something I was thinking about. Anyway...

When Aaron got home we rented a couple of movies and I colored in my coloring book. (What am I ... 5?) I have been in a coloring mood lately... bought two coloring books last night... a sesame street one and a barbie one. I couldn't find any other kind, seems like all there is anymore are activity books for kids... don't they color anymore? When we were little, my sister and I loved coloring books... we had a bazillion of em' and I remember you used to see them in grocery stores and stuff. Now, not so much. Anyhoo, I also bought a 64 pack of crayons... I have a 48 pack at home, but I needed that 64 pack... I've warned Aaron that it IS back to school shopping time, and my office supply addiction... though it isn't as strong as it once was, it is alive and present... so keep me away from the pens and paper. (Sadly I'm not kidding... I once bought 10.00 worth of notebooks at Target, simply because they were only 33 cents each. I know people, I know.

Anyhoo, we got up bright and early on Saturday, went and picked up my sister and my dad and then settled in with the rest of my dad's family (as well as some friends ---Hi Holly and Maria!) to watch the West Seattle Hi-Yu parade. A bit part of the seafair celebration. The reason so many of us turned out (and by the way there was easily between 40 and 50 people) was because my cousins --Cassie and Cori are now a part of the All-City Marching Band. This is a group of high school students (though they are only 13... how proud are we?!) from all over the Seattle Area, that practice their hearts out and work their tails off, to participate in several parades and events during the summer months. Holly's sister Justine (who is a sophomore to be) is also in the band, she joined last year. These students are asked to join All City... it is the cream of the crop of band students. Anyway, we were there early, so we spent a lot of time chatting and having a good ol' time, watching the floats go by...

This float was for some senior center... we couldn't believe the 'tarzan diaper' the old dude was wearing.

Yes, that's 80 year old ass hanging out of a 'loin cloth'... yikes.

The famous Lincoln Toe Truck

That's Cassie on the left, and Cori on the right.

Here is Cassie participating in the dance they do mid song (I think the song was 'whip it')

and here's Cori, doing her part.

Here is Holly's sister Justine, whaling away on her sax.

They did so good. I had no idea how proud I actually was of them, until I realized I had tears streaming down my face... of course I wasn't alone. My aunt (their grandma) was crying as well as my sister and Justine's mom. It was so neat to see them out there having so much fun, and doing something so cool.

I'll post a couple other pics from the parade throughout the week...

After that, we drove down to Olympia and celebrated Aaron's brother's birthday. They had a barbecue, it was nice to sit in the shade and chill all evening.

Sunday we got up, and I putzed around the apartment, in a cleaning frenzy... sometimes I just want to have everything polished... while Aaron tried to mess with his laptop. He's installing a new program... Linux or something. Anyway, we did our own thing for a little while until I decided that Asa needed a haircut. Aaron got down on the floor and helped me, actually I held the cat and he did the shaving. Asa did really good for the most part, but towards the end he was getting upset and was trying to bite Aaron. Amazingly though, Aaron did a good job despite Asa's jumping around and freaking out. I call him my little naked boy. (Asa, not Aaron, lol)

It's a naked baby!

he doesn't seem to mind not having fur... after we were done shaving him, we gave him some treats and all was well. He is such a good cat; doesn't hold grudges or anything. You can't really see in that picture just how close we got to his skin, but he has basically no length to his fur at all.

Anyhoo... after that, we went down to the Bite of Seattle. We shared a berry smoothie and some Garlic Fries (oooh how I missed them) and then I had a slice of garlic pizza (yes, I stink to the high heavens mom, and it was worth it!) And Aaron had Alligator meet ... Alligator on a stick to be specific. What was the verdict on that? "Tastes like chicken"... lol, he said it was good, but for all he knew it could have been chicken. Then we watched the Beatnik's play for a while,

As usual, they didn't disappoint.

We sweated our buns off while we were down at the bite... it was so freakin hot. We sought refuge in the air conditioned haven of Fred Meyers for some grocery shopping afterwards... Then met up with my sister at home for some swimming and tater tot goodness for dinner.

All in all... an eventful weekend. I was in bed at midnight with a I guess the weekend came in with an ache and out with an ache. oh well. It all went by so dang fast.


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