Wednesday, July 23, 2003


I was driving home from the gym last night, when the song 'Nowhere to Run' by Martha and the Vandellas came on the radio. All of a sudden two images/memories flooded my brain. The first is of the movie 'Good Morning Vietnam'... I can't remember the exact part of the movie where the song is played, but I think of that movie, because my dad had the soundtrack, and I used to love to listen to it... this song was one of my favorites. The other memory was one that made me smile... and laugh and wish to hell someone had taken video or pictures of us when we were in our 'dance and choreography obsession phase'. When I was... well too old to be playing with barbies, but too young for makeup and going to the mall sans parents, I spent a summer with my sister and her friend Christina... We had a few activities that we never tired of: playing mall madness, terrorizing Christina's younger brother Jonathon... nothing terrible, he was about 3 at the time and we would rub our feet on the carpets and shock him with static electricity, we also taught him to sit like a lady and made him hold his tongue and say 'Son over Bridge'... ahhh the memories. The main activity for that summer though, was to set up a boom box and a few mixed tapes, along with a variety of props, and make up dances. I know I had to at LEAST be a freshman in high school, because I made mixes like the drill team had used at school, which would put Lori at age 11 or so, and Christina at about age 9. I helped them make up the dances and then they performed them. It was highly embarassing... I know this because I absolutely refused to dance... I would just stand back and yell out instructions. We finally recruited our friend Ashley who was 7 or 8 to join, and she promptly quit after a day or two because she got tired of being yelled at... heh, I rule with the iron fist. Anyhoo, our big plan was to eventually put on a show for people to watch... we had costumes and everything... or rather they did. But I suspect the fact that I couldn't figure out how to be involved, yet completely distance myself from the project was why we never did anything more than practice. I didn't want to be viewed as a geek you see. Anyway, there was a dance number to 'Nowhere to Run' and if I heard that song once that summer, I heard it oh, about a jillion times. Fun memories.

I was in bed early again last night, but for the life of me could not fall asleep. I laid in the dark even, with the tv off... that's usually what keeps me up, the need to follow what's going on on the tv. Finally when Aaron came to bed, I asked him to rub my back; I remember when I was a daycare teacher we would rub the kids' backs at naptime. They fell asleep so fast. Well the good ones did. The bad ones would fuss and wiggle and writhe about despite the menacing looks I'd throw their way. Eventually they'd pop up and ask if they could get up and rub our backs (the teachers) and who are we to deny a request like that? So the 3 or 4 demon children who didn't nap would take turns rubbing our backs and I would always have to fight off the urge to lay down and take a nap myself. It's so soothing. Problem is, whenever I ask Aaron to rub my bback he falls asleep faster than me! Maybe that's payback from God for all the years of child labor I basked in during preschool naptimes... 7 long years worth... I miss that job. Daily back rubs... tons of gossip, cute widdle babies... the love and adoration of all the little childrens... well ok, not all of them. One nasty little fucker told me he was going to blow up my car when I wouldn't let him get out of time out early. But I digress... for the most part I do miss that job. But not the sickness. I was sick almost the entire time I worked there... THAT sucked.

Ever since we shaved Asa I have been calling him my little naked baby and naked boy and my little mexican hairless...that's a breed of dog right? I swear I've heard it used in reference to dogs before, and that's how I mean it... but Aaron cracks up every time I say it... like when I left this morning, Aaron was half asleep in bed, and heard me say to the cat "Goodbye my little mexican hairless, can I spank the baby tushy?"I bent down and patted Asa on the butt "I love the baby tushy!" I yelled. Ok... maybe I can see why he laughed. He is after all living with a crazy person. But I the baby tushies. And the baby kitties. And... I need to stop now.

Sleep deprived? Nah...

Did you hear about this story?All I gotta say is someone's going to be in the money...

Ofoto is crapping out on me right now, so I'll leave you with a couple disturbing pics from E!'s fashion police...

I keep reading how she 'eats all the time' and 'is so not anorexic'... not just articles written with her quotes either, usually it's from costars and family... dude, what the hell. Ok, so if she does eat all the time and still look like this, then what the fuck is her problem? I would seriously start seeking medical advice... she just looks so unhealthy you know?

This picture of Drew Barrymore kills me... don't know what the motivation for the baby powder white, kibuki look is... but it just kinda makes me laugh.


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