Thursday, July 31, 2003


Finally a cool morning and day... It's overcast and breezy today... kind of a nice change from the scorching heat we've had for the past week or so.

I made zucchini bread last night... I know the name makes it sound gross, but seriously it's the best fucking bread ever. My mom used to make it every summer. Lori and I would be outside playing and we'd notice that the neighbor behind our apartment building (who we referred to as the garden guy, because 2/3 of his backyard was garden.. and seriously, he grew the biggest frickin zucchini ever, and the best plums I have ever tasted to this day) had left out 3 or 4 monster zucchini. We'd take them into mom who dreaded those moments, because it meant a couple of hours would be spent peeling and grinding up zucchini, as well as cooking a ton of those mini loaves. Last night when I took the trash out about midway through the cooking time, when I came back inside all of a sudden I was 9 again and we were living in apartment 204, the smell just totally brought me back. There's a lot of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in the recipe so it's kind of a spicy smell. AAaaaahhhh, I made 10 loaves last night... and I have a lot more zucchini so I can probably make another 10 ... probably more, but I froze it for future use. I had a few pieces this morning, because nothing ... NOTHING is better than cold zucchini bread with a little bit of butter. Ask my sister and my parents. They know.

Anyhoo, so David and Liza broke up... what a shocker. Like he's not the biggest queen you've ever laid eyes on anyway. My God. I wonder if it's embarassing as a celebrity to brag to the world about your 'perfect union' and show off every wedding photo taken in every magazine that fronts a little dough... to have your 'perfection' fall down around your knees... and not only have the marriage disintegrate... (did I spell that right?) but then have the soon to be ex trashing your name and threatening to sue for monetary gain. yikes. That's love alright.

Man, last night at the gym, I was whalin away on the treadmill, and though I usually sweat, I don't generally sweat on my arms or my neck... I've seen other peoples arms just get shiny and wet from sweat, but I never had that happen. Till yesterday. I looked down at one point and was like "whoa... my forearms are glistening. Sweet!" I'm a nerd, but I take sweating to mean I am kicking major boo-tay, so bring it on!

I'm in a good mood today. It's Thursday! One more day of the work week, it's my last workout day of the week, and it's the best night on tv. I heart you thursday. :-)

Kelly and Matt's dad (Uncle Buddy) share a dance.

I love how the tiers are wine glasses... looks so cool

The next day at the gift opening, Kylie flirted with MY boyfriend... she also flirts a lot with Matt's brother in law Sean. It's funny because then she won't have anythign to do with my mom or uncle Buddy. She's a fickle one.

Kel pampers her feet at the reception

Kylie and I discuss something of importance at the reception

A nice pic of the new husband and wife

My favorite picture of Kelly and kylie


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