Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Man. I had an interesting yet fucking disgusting turn of events yesterday. I noticed around lunchtime that I had developed little blisters all over my chest. I couldn't stop looking down my shirt to stare at them. I figured they would probably take care of themselves and I would start to peel soon. Then, after I went to the gym, I got home and was getting ready to take a shower, and I noticed that the blisters had grown... like 3 times in size. I was repulsed yet totally intrigued. I applied a little pressure with the loofah in the shower, and today... I'm peeling like a bastard. How does a bastard peel you might ask? Pretty damn bad, is my answer. I look like I have leprosy.. . and I probably just spelled that wrong, but I don't feel like looking it up. The other cool thing? Now my forehead is peeling too. isn't that awesome? Dead skin, just hanging around... made more obvious by the make up I tried to apply over it. I feel so freakin pretty today.


Here's Aaron and I laying in the hammock at his mom's house on the fourth. He was totall comfortable, as was I except for that whole "we are suspended 2 feet off the ground by a damn rope and net" thing. Every time he moved I would freak out, and when people came over to us to take a picture or give us a push I would freak out. But it was relaxing... Hammock's are oddly really comfortable.

and here we are out of the hammock... my red glow is just in the beginning stages.

That's Midgie. She's a toy pom, and I want one just like her. She's so freakin adorable, and her bark was really cute too. Poor thing is pregnant and due any day, so she was really uncomfortable... but very well mannered. Never once yapping at the kids or adults who wanted to pet her.

Aaron's niece Amanda does not seem amused by us.


My eyes burn when I see how red I was... my god. No wonder I'm peeling.

The next day (the 5th) we went down to Alki to watch the Seafair Pirates storm the beach and mark the beginning of seafair. I got to wear a really cool hat. Actually, both Aaron and I did... but I don't think he'd appreciate me posting that picture here.

As they approached the beach, they let off their cannon a couple of times, and the coast guard boat did some cool displays with the water.

When the boat came ashore, they threw fake money in the air and paraded a shrunken head on a knife. It was kinda cool.

That's their float for the community events and parades.

"oooh, this box is so cool, I think I'll rub my face on it"

"You go girl!"


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