Monday, July 28, 2003


I have a killer headache this bright sunny morning. I had one when I went to bed last night, got rid of it, and it's now back. arg.

What a long, relaxing, fun weekend. Friday night, I ran a few errands, and got the supplies needed to make the photo collages for Matt and Kelly's Wedding. There were some awesome pictures given to me to use from Aunt Ruth (Matt's mom), Carol (Kelly's mom), my mom and Karen. Plus I had a few up my sleeve as well. Lori and Adrienne came over to hang out and help, then we had a surprise visit from Karen and Ashley. Plus Aaron got off work early, so it was fun to sit around and chat. I was up until about 3 am finishing those. The next morning, Aaron and I cleaned up the apartment and got ready to go. We got to Snohomish early, as we wanted to check in at our hotel. When we'd called to make the reservation, back in June we were lucky enough to get the last room available. After we freshened up, and I spent forever and a day trying to remember how to tie a tie, (thank God Lori and Adrienne stopped by the hotel to get ready, Lori helped me figure it out) we headed over to Belle Chapel where the wedding was taking place. We had a few photo ops before hand, I'll be sharing the pics from the wedding all week. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any really good pictures of the bridesmaid dresses, but I am hoping that my mom or Lori did, because they were absolutely gorgeous.

The ceremony was beautiful, I was a wreck. Seems like the last couple of weddings I've gone to, I've cried at. What the heck. I never cry at stuff like that. Anyway, one of the funniest things was during the ceremony, when the photographer (a girl in her 20's I think) bent down to take a picture, and flashed the audience with her thong... and I'm not talking just a little bit of thong... I think we saw crackage. Lori took a picture of it, I haven't really seen it yet, but man how embarassing and tacky. As Karen put it "the attention should have been on the bride and groom, not the photographer's ass." touche'.

The reception was downstairs under the chapel (how convenient!) it was lovely, little white lights and lots of pretty decorations. The food was good, the cake was good, the music was awesome. We had a blast. We danced and partied, and I have war wounds to prove it... my toes have blisters and the top of my feet are bruised from the evil shoes I was wearing. They are so tender I can't wear shoes... which means I can't go to the gym... arg. Maybe I'll go swimming tonight or something.

After the wedding we crashed at the hotel, then woke up and went to breakfast with Matt's family (we were all staying in the same hotel.) We ate at a restaurant right next to an airfield, so we could see planes taking off and landing. It was pretty cool. Aaron and I went for a drive after that, looking at some of the homes and stuff in Snohomish. There are some beautiful places out there. Old victorian style homes, and newer styles too. We met everyone over at Kelly's mom's place to watch the bride and groom open presents around noon. By about 1:30 I was exhausted and ready to go. So we went home and relaxed for a while before going grocery shopping and making dinner. After dinner Aaron beat my ass playing the game 'Trouble'. 3 Rounds, he won 2. Rematch my friend... rematch.

It was a great weekend.

Oh yeah, I caught the bouqet too :-D Afterwards, Poor Aaron had to endure lots and lots of comments about what it means to catch the bouquet, and "do we hear wedding bells in your future?" It was funny, and he was as he always is, an excellent sport. I kept saying "you know there's no pressure right?" He would smile and laugh and pretend to dab his forehead saying "boy it's getting hot in here."

Lori and I with the groom before the ceremony

This is me and Aunt Ruth, she's Matt's mom and my godmother. (hence my middle name)

Here are Kaylee and Levi, Matt's neice and nephew. They were so adorable dancing together during the slow songs. Levi would lose interest and drop his arms and Kaylee would put his arm around her waist and coach him. It was so cute.

Lori and I are doing our patented dance routine... typically we only dance to 'At the Hop' by Danny and The Juniors, but this was another oldie... I can't remember which one though... good times.

One of my favorite pics of Aaron and I ever... we had such a blast this weekend. :-D


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