Tuesday, June 24, 2003


What a morning. First, I should tell you that I was in bed and ASLEEP by 9:30 last night. Someone was fucking tired. I woke up around 5 this morning with a headache, and by the way; how much does it suck to wake up with a headache anyway? So I took some aspirin and turned on my new bestest friend in the whole world "Mr. Heating Pad"... he takes the pain away. I swear to God I don't know what I would do without that miracle invention. Anyhoo, I woke again when my alarm clock went off at 645, feeling rested, relaxed and in a good mood to boot! I love it when that happens! Fast forward to my shower; I bought some new conditioner last night; by Aussie, called "Hair Salad", I didn't realize it was clear, and did a double take when I squeezed some out of the bottle and had to pick up the bottle to make sure I didn't buy shampoo. But lo and behold, it was clear conditioner... I like it. I like it a lot. :-) I get ready, get dressed and walk the mile and a half to my car... I had to park in the polar opposite direction from my apartment, in probably the farthest space from it as well last night. Visitor parking is scarce right now.

Anyhoo, I get to my car, and whaddya know, it won't start. The batter works, because the radio and lights work, but there is just a clicking noise when I try to actually start the vehicle. It has been acting kinda wierd lately, starting occasionally on the first time, and sometimes faking me out like it did this morning... only I couldn't get the damn thing to start at all. Normally, this would have put me in the mood to kill, but oddly, I found it kind of funny. So I walked the mile and a half back to the apartment and woke Aaron up to tell him my car was brokedown, and he told me to take his truck and he would look at my car while I was at work, and hopefully have it figured out by my lunch break when I came home. So I get his keys, go out to his truck and instead of firing up right away like it normally does, it makes a slow moaning growling sound. I outright laughed at this point. "No way" I was thinking to myself "No way that both cars are broken" I tried a few more times but to no avail, could not get the dang thing to start. I get out of the truck and go inside and Aaron is standing there getting dressed we are both kind of laughing about it. He tried his truck and no luck, and then we went back to my car and by putting it into 2nd gear he was able to start it. Wierd. He showed me how to start it from a rolling position in case I needed to, and I was off to work. Still in a good mood. It's so wierd. AND I even have a headache. I think it's all sinus related though...

Shanaynay (our neighbor...have I mentioned her here before?) She reminds me of the Martin character... she doesn't really wear neon clothes, nor does she really have ass that reaches Nebraska, but she is tall and manly and has long braids, and ghetto, so I call her Shanaynay... not to her face though, she could beat my ass. Anyway, back to my point, she was yelling at her kids something terrible last night... she's got like three kids in there... two that are over the age of 9 I would guess and a little 2 or 3 year old... and she lives in a one bedroom. There is so noway. I need to get some renter's insurance, because she seems to always set off her smoke alarm, last night I could hear the alarm going off, and when I peeked out my peep hole, (my apartment door faces hers) there was her son waving a pillow to divert the smoke from the alarm, and her older daughter was bringing a broom outside and it looked singed on the end. She stamped it out on the wall and went back inside, and that's when I started to smell the smoke. Either she's a really bad cook or she's letting her dumbass kids use the stove, and I don't want my shit getting burned up because of her negligence. And if it does, I want compensation. So I gotta just bite the bullet and go get some damn insurance. Arg. It's just a pain in the tush.


"Um, gag me with a piece of cardboard"


"Dude, I feel his tonsils!"


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