Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Man, lately the obsession with cracking my neck has been totally in control. I will notice that my neck feels stiff and then come the inklings of a future headache. With a turn of the head just so, I am able to alleviate said discomfort... but it is gross and completely unladylike. I know it's probably not good for you too... I gotta stop doing it altogether. But the toe cracking stays...

What a nice weekend we had. Friday night, Aaron came home a little early and we stayed up and watched movies until almost 3 am. I woke up bright and early on Saturday (as I am incapable of sleeping in don'tcha know)... we hung around the apartment most of the morning, before venturing out into the SWELTERING heat to run some errands. When we got home we noticed the pool was open, so I called lori and she said she'd be over soon. So the three of us (Lori, Aaron and I) spent a couple hours dodging kids cannonballing into the pool... what the fuck by the way; where ARE the parents? Luckily it was only a couple kids, and though we got splashed, it was refreshing and better than sweating in our apartment.

That night we went out for Kelly's 21st birthday (pics are HERE) Down to Pioneer Square... we had fun, but I was so tired, I just wanted to go home and go to bed by the time we got to the second bar. The next day, Aaron and I had wanted to go to a park or something since it was so nice out; and had tried to schedule something with some friends, but in the end when we couldn't get people to commit to going, he said "Why don't we just spend the day together tommorrow, I just want to spend it with you anyway." Awwww, he is so freakin awesome. :-) So we went down to the Fremont Flea Market, and then cruised West Seattle and eventually headed back home. Lori called that night and had had everything stolen out of her car. She had left her purse in there so they got all of her cards and stuff, as well as her cd player and camera. Aaron and I went down to the beach they were at and helped them look in the bushes and stuff, but by that time the park was closing, and I don't think we would have found much of anything anyway. Poor Lori. That really sucks.

By sunday night I was a little sunburnt and oh so tired. So bean and I curled up on the couch and took a little nap... he's such the cuddlebug.


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