Thursday, June 19, 2003


I love thursdays. They are by far my favorite work day. I know if I stay up late tonight, and am tired tommorrow, it's ok because I can sleep in on Saturday morning. I know that I only have one more day in my work week...and it's usually my favorite night of tv. Unless of course it's the summer and all the repeats are on... BUT this year I have the edge. Since I was a workout fiend last fall; and went around 8pm last year... I missed a lot of my favorite shows; I saw probably 60% of them I would say. So this summer I can catch up... hopefully. :-)

Anyhoo, we are supposed to be having a garage sale this weekend, but I keep hearing that it's going to rain. We'll see. I want to get rid of the crates of SHITE that are currently taking up far, far too much space in our storage unit.

In a stunning new developement, the burns on my arm from cooking Father's day brownies, has weakened considerably; and when I lean on it or brush up against something a little too hard, the skin comes off like the skin that comes off of badly bruised peaches. It feels so damn good... I can't even tell you. The burning from the ointment on the raw spots last night made it all worthwhile. Damn.

I heard a story last night about an accident here in Seattle somewhere. An ambulance broadsided a car; causing a bad accident well, technically the car caused it when it pulled in front of the ambulance---who's sirens and lights were going by the way because they were transporting a heart attack victim. Anyway, the driver of the car was killed and the child in the car is in the hospital in stable condition. This is a sad story... but the first thing I thought when I heard of it was... does the ambulance stop if it is en route with a victim to help the people they just hit? Or do they call it in and let back up take care of it? God I would so not want to be in that position.

anyhoo, that's all the boring crap I'm going to subject you to for today... here are some gratuitous cat pictures...



"BOSS! de plane! de plane!"


check out that hair... damn. What was I thinking? Fuck a duck... anyway, I remember I was uber nauseous that day, because Lori was just learning how to drive a stick, and we had driven out to Covington for Kylie's birthday party in stop and go traffic. I had almost tossed my cookies twice.

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