Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Poor Aaron was awakened by a few swift kicks to his shins this morning. I woke up with a start moments later from a nasty little nightmare. Scorpions (that looked like centipedes) were biting at my feet. I was trying to kick them away; hence his bruised shin bones. Aaahh... I always have crazy ass dreams when I am woken up at unGodly hours by little jerkfaced cats. Actually just one, because one of our cats, the good one (also known as Ben) knows how to sleep through the fucking night. The bad one (also known as Asa) decides that 5 am is a good time to clean himself whilst sitting in the liner of the box spring, so we can hear the nasty boy licking himself and feel the bed shake when he scratches. Of course after I stumble out of bed and go over to Aaron's side to pull out the offending cat, he runs to the opposite side of the bed. I was too tired to kill him, so I made my way out to the living room, and made like I was feeding them, I knew the sound of food would bring the little bastard running. So when he did I went back to bed and shut the door. He was promptly at the door within 30 seconds crying his head off. Oh well. Piss off little focker. He's lucky we don't shut the door on him every night.

I am getting error messages in german every time I try to load my ftp program, and I find it quite troubling. Mainly because I don't speak German... so I don't know what to do... arg.

Well, I don't have much to write about today, so I'll leave you with some cute pictures...

"I'm not a bastard! Honest!"

Busted Squash

What's cuter than a couple of kitties in their winter wear? Nothing!!! I know I'm mean, but this totally makes me laugh. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find either one of those sweaters since we moved...

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