Thursday, April 17, 2003


A short three weeks from now I will be moving! Ok, 3 weeks and one day.. I'm getting a little ahead of myself here I see. We are basically completely set. We need bedding and we have a full set of towels minus one hand towel... but I bought the missing cereal bowl yesterday to complete that set, oh and we need pots and pans... but other than that I think we are set. Everything is stacked in my room; we will be adding a couch to the mix this weekend.. I don't have room to turn around in there now, so this should be interesting.

What a busy week. I have worked at safeco Monday, tuesday and Wednesday nights... and it has been so freakin slow. It's cold, the Mariners have been kind of on again, off again, and money is tight... people aren't paying 20 bucks to sit in a cheap seat, and sure as hell aren't paying 8 bucks for a bacon burger. 8 bucks... that's not a typo. Our regular burgers are a rip off at $5.75, but to raise them to $7.75 for 2 strips of greasy limp bacon almost seems like a crime to me. I wouldn't pay that. Hell no. I am working with the same manager this year... Pedro. He's a nice enough guy, for someone with a Napoleon like temperment. Either that or the guy is manic depressive. He'll be totally happy one minute, joking and playing around with you, then the next he is pissed and ignores you or yells at you. It's lotsa fun to work with him. Oh yeah. Last night he had a crazy hair up his ass and decided to lock the door to the room that holds the cups and stuff. So when we ran out of coffee cups, and couldn't access the door or find Pedro, it was real great running around trying to find some. Finally we find him, and I'm yelling that we need cups and he flat out ignored me. Finally when he acknowledged my presence he nodded and started slowly shuffling back to the cup room. The bastard couldn't even be bothered to bring the cups down to us; He stood at the door, holding them in the air waiting for one of us to come running. Then when we had three customer complaints in a row about cold burgers, we told him and he got all defensive and offended acting like we'd insulted his mother. Our theory (though as peon workers, it's a wonder we can come up with a theory seeing as we aren't MANAGEMENT) is that the ice cold tomatoes being placed on the burger; fully cooked and fairly hot, seem to bring the temperature down quite a bit. He wouldn't hear anything we said and just waved us away.

oh well. 12 bucks an hour to serve food and deal with an asshole... two weeks out of the month? I think I can deal.

The Laci Peterson articles are so hard to read. That fucker she was married to is as guilty as sin. Just like Gary Condit... whether or not he was directly involved in the murder of Chandra Levy I don't know, but I'd bet every last cent that he knew something about it... or was involved in some way. Add to it that both of these assholes were cheaters. Condit cheated on his wife with Levy and Laci Peterson's husband was cheating with a massage therapist... I don't even get the whole mindset of cheating anyway, but since these are murderous bastards we're discussing here anway, I don't get how you could kill someone either. Especially someone close to you. It's sick. sick.sick.sick. Her husband traded in her suv for a new car in February, less than two months after she disappeared. Wow. What a loving husband.

anyway, I gotta jet; too much to do, too little time.


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