Wednesday, April 09, 2003


We were approved for the apartment!!!!!!!!!!! Moving day is temporarily slated for May 10th; though she said we may be able to get in there earlier. I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I'm a little excited?) The prospects of my own stuff is absolutely intoxicating. I told Aaron last night I want to spend my birthday on friday shopping for our new home. He was very agreeable to that, so we made plans to visit Ikea, Linens and things, Bed Bath and Beyond, and we'll probably hit up a little target and walmart action too. I am so stoked about this I seriously can't even stand it. I thought waiting would be hard; but I think as long as we have a goal in sight; it's going to be a lot easier. We are going to sign the papers and pay the deposits and stuff on friday. We get to see the apartment next to the one we will be renting; it has the same floor plan as the one we are moving into, so that should be exciting. The apartment we originally viewed at this complex was a lot smaller; and not completely wheelchair accessible.

I think I want to do the kitchen in cherries. To be honest it doesn't even matter that much; I just want to move and begin my life with Aaron. I am ecstatic at the thought of doing my homework completely uninterrupted... not that I was always interrupted at home... but it is hard to concentrate with a house full of people. There is always a tv going and voices in another room to distract me... It's hard enough for me to sit down and concentrate let alone study in an evironment where I am easily distracted. And trust me. I am easily distracted. :-) Man, I can't even describe how happy I am about this.

It is such a pretty day today... but a little brisk. and by a little brisk I mean fucking cold. But it's ok, because the sunshine makes up for it. I am starting tonight at safeco again, so on my lunch I've gotta zip over to Target and see about getting a long john shirt to wear under my new employee issue polo. (thank god they did away with those horrid tee shirts.)

Notice that I've put up a new spot where you can comment about what I write... it'll be at the bottom of each post from now on;and is a little like a guest book; but i"ve tried to formulate it so it's more like a message board. Feel free to comment on anything I write here!


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