Monday, April 21, 2003


I am so tired my eyes are burning. It was a long, and EVENTFUL weekend! Friday night found me at the mall with my sister spending our gift certificates that we received for our birthdays. I bought some lotion and shower gel at Bath and Body works... the mango citrus and warm vanilla sugar ... and let me be the first to say... I HATE VANILLA. But this shit smells good. Like cookies. Not vanilla. The citrus stuff smells like oranges something crazy and I love it. Totally fresh and summery... AND it was buy 3 get one free, so I ended up spending like 5 bucks out of my own pocket and still got a lot of stuff. I never spend any money on lotions or anything... I'm too cheap. So I love it when I get giftcards and stuff... because I'll totally spend those. :-) Then we went to the Mac counter at Nordy's and I got my two favorite lipsticks... spirit and twig. We ended up leaving the mall fairly early because we were needed at home for a last minute emergency, and besides that I had the headache from hell. I'd had it all day, and didn't finally get rid of it until Saturday morningish.

Aaron got off a little early Friday night and we jetted up to Fred Meyers because I knew they were having a sale on dvd's... between the two of us we bought 6 movies... Nine months, Fools rush in, Sleepless in Seattle, Wing Commander, Dirty Dancing, and Ravenous. We spent 60 bucks. Now that's a deal. We fell asleep to Fools rush in, and watched the rest of it saturday night. Saturday day, we went shopping. We bought a bedding set at Sears... kind of a shiny taupe color... I'll take pictures once we get settled. Then we went and picked up our couch at my friend's house... she was holding it for us. Oh yeah, we also bought a shitload of kitchen stuff too; at Freddy's.

Saturday night we went by Aaron's uncle's house so he could take a look at his computer. His pug had puppies, and we spent some time oohing and aahing over them... check out the new pics on the front page for some fabulous photos of them.

Sunday, we spent with Aaron's family at his mom's for Easter. Had a nice day there, and then stopped at two different carnivals we saw on the way home. We won some goldfish at the first one... that we named Bill and Hillary... which causes us to giggle and giggle. Then we saw this carnival that had the ride, 'The Gravitron' and we stopped because it's Aaron's favorite ride, and I'd never been on it. It was kinda cool; floating up and down the wall like that. Not as scary as I had thought it would be. Then we stopped to buy fish food and a bowl for Bill and Hillary, and fell asleep to Sleepless in Seattle. God, what a sad movie. I forgot what a tearjerker it can be. :-)

I need to recharge from my weekend, so I'll catch you all later.


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