Friday, April 04, 2003


It's begun. We are officially searching for a new home!!! Yesterday we went and looked at a 736 sq foot one bedroom about 2 miles from where I am currently living... it was a pretty nice place. We haven't applied yet though, because they charge like 35 bucks a person to let you fucking apply to live there and PAY THEM RENT. I am in the wrong business I tell ya. We want to check out a few more places before we start spening money left and right to just apply. Crikey. We have an appointment today and tommorrow to look at some places, and we also plan on driving around tomorrow and looking in Tukwila. There are a lot of newer buildings down by the mall, and we want to check em out. I would dearly LOVE to be moving on my birthday (WHICH IS NEXT FRIDAY!!!) Though I am celebrating it this weekend.

Man I'm tired. I could not sleep for the life of me last night, and invented a fun new way to amuse myself! I turned the lamp on, and would stare at Aaron as he slept seeing if I had strong enough mental telepathy to wake him up by just concentrating. Big surprise here, I don't. Of course it could also be because he was completely out, sawing logs and in a deep slumber. Hell for about an hour and a half I amused myself by tickling his face with a string, to which almost every time he made a really funny face and rubbed the spot I touched only to start snoring again, and start the cycle all over. I was laughing so hard to myself; I don't quite get what is so funny about fucking with someone while they are sleeping, but man. It's a fun time. I had found the loose thread from my quilt and pulled it out, and as soon as he would start snoring I'd tickle the inside of his ear, or his cheek or a nostril... poor Aaron. I am so mean. IN MY DEFENSE, he never woke up and thought it was funny when I told him what I'd done last night. ahhh, the perils of coupledom. I would say that if that's one of the perils we have to face, we are doing ok so far. Of course we don't live together yet, and we are bound to discover other charming qualities that each other posseses. Stay tuned for those.

School started this week; been busy trying to keep up with the psych and english websites... finally made myself a calendar and pin pointed everything that was due, so that'll help. I am a creature of routine and order ... the older I get, the more I understand that. I do VERY well with specific instructions and limits. I have a VERY very difficult time living life without a general plan... this is not to say I don't likes spontenaity and surprises... because I LOVE surprises and being caught off guard, but I like to have a partnership between order and spontenaity. That's all. For example I need to have a general idea of what we are doing on a given weekend... I don't need an itinerary, but an idea of what we are doing helps me ... even something as general as lets go out on saturday night, and we'll figure out what we're doing then. I can deal with that. WHY am I even going on about this?

I am wearing size 12 old navy jeans today. They are hand me downs from a family friend who handed them down to my sister, I can't believe I can wear anything they can fit into. they are snug in the waist (what else is new) but fit nicely everywhere else. It's a good day.

Now keep your fingers crossed and send us good thoughts for our apartment hunting!

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