Thursday, March 20, 2003


On one hand this week has absolutely flown by. On the other hand... Isn't it friday YET? I have a bladder infection. Thanks for asking. I'm sure that falls in the category of 'too much fucking information'... but I like to stay in touch with my readers... all 4 or of you. ;-) I'm doing fine actually, just crossing my fingers and hoping that my doctor will call in the prescription rather than having me go all the way downtown... I left a message that said I have finals this afternoon, and don't want to fight the traffic from all the granola eating, non armpit shaving, dread lock wearing anti-war protesters who are roaming the streets of Downtown Seattle as we speak. Don't get me wrong... I am not exactly thinking that this war is the best idea, but seriously... what has protesting... peacefully or otherwise EVER DONE TO STOP AN INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT? Get a life! Get a job! And get your green peace loving ass out of the street and out of my way for the love of God. Fucking up traffic is juvenile and stupid, and anti-productive. (is that a word?) Anyway, who put a long tail on that kite? I am hoping to use the protestors as an excuse of why I don't want to go into her office. Why don't I really want to go you ask (you know you were wondering...) I hate paying 20 bucks to see the doctor plus between 6 and 10 to park. If she won't just call in the prescription I'm going to crack open the yellow pages and find a new doctor with a parking lot. I am not so 'vested' in her that I won't switch. It's not worth it to me...if I worked downtown and could bus it or even walk there it would be one thing, but I don't so I can't and it doesn't do my pocket book any favors to shell out almost 30 bucks plus the cost of the prescription. So, wish me luck.

Well, finals are over. I am on Spring Break from now until the 31st. Whee! I did just fine on my math final, though I think it should be not allowed to put shit on the final that you've never seen before and can only answer with a question mark. I did a comprehensive review of the chapters I was being tested on, and I can assure you that I had never seen two of the problems that were on there. I was like... what the fuck? The one question was :

A=P(1-nr)+3 solve for n.

I must have sat there for what seemed like an eternity trying every possible way to figure that shit out. My answer arrived about 20 minutes later in the form of a big fat question mark and a bead of sweat that dropped down on the paper. Ok, maybe not the bead of sweat, after all, I AM A LADY... but I did jot down a question mark out of frustration and hopelessness. I passed though. That's what counts. I didn't get through enough chapters to get an A or B though, so I took a P, which won't affect my gpa. I am still waiting to see what I got on my philosophy final.

Well, I am off... hope you enjoy the picture of a very perturbed bean on the front page. Ahhh... that was back in my single days... thank God I have Aaron now, or those cats were bound for a wardrobe of crocheted delights.

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