Tuesday, March 18, 2003


I swear I just saw Ken Griffey Jr... I was leaving Walmart in Renton, and this Maroon toyota Camry... the oldschool boxy looking kind, was sitting next to me, waiting for it's turn to make a left. I was waiting to make a right. I looked over, and I swear the guy driving the car looked exactly like Ken Griffey Jr. So much so, I did a double take, before chiding myself that "I am sure that Ken Griffey Jr does NOT shop at Walmart, and if he does, it's probably the one in Cincinatti, not Renton. I highly doubt he's rollin a maroon Toyota Camry these days either." But still. It looked just like him.

8 Mile is out on dvd today. Oh yeah, you know that's why I was down at Walmart on my lunch break in the first place. Hassle with those crowds after work? You gotta be out of your ever lovin' mind. I stay away from walmart ... ESPECIALLY the auburn and Renton ones... on the weekends and afterwork. It just gets too crazy, too busy, and not worth the time spent in line.

Ok, all this hubub about the dixie chicks is absolutely FUCKING stupid. Who gives a shit if she got up on stage and said whatever she said, she's entitled to her opinion, and she's also entitled to air it. Don't like it? Don't buy a ticket to her show. That's the beauty of being American... I just can't believe all these idiot over zealous patriots (read:country music fans) are boycotting the Dixie Chicks, banning their music and burning cds and memorabilia. She doesn't like Bush. Big FUCKING deal. I am willing to bet 8 out of 10 people you ask on the street probably share some disdain for the man. "She should use her celebrity for good and support the president in this time of possible war" was a quote I heard from a morning dj this morning on the way to work. Well, why hold her to be the only one... there are lots of celebrities who have been a hell of a lot more vocal about their dislike for Bush, and what he stands for... publishing shit on their websites, and talking bad about him in their songs... comedians use him as a punchline all the time... but she's catching heat just because of the fact we are almost at war? Bullshit. This country has been in somewhat of an upheaval since 9.11.01 and I have been to comedy shows by local comics, as well as big names... and the big names have done a lot of Bush Material. Do I see Robin Williams or Janeane Garofalo 's pictures plastered everywhere being called anti american and unpatriotic? Uh...no. These people who are burning Dixie Chicks stuff and boycotting (I've read about most of this stuff mainly occurring in the south) need to go out to their pick up truck, take DOWN THE CONFEDERATE FLAG, put up a real one, and respect that she had an opinion and MOVE ON.

That said, my math final is tomorrow night... I turned in my philosophy final today. Let's all cross our fingers and pray that I pass. NO, I am sure I'll pass... I just need to pass with a good grade. Well, that's all the ranting I can muster up for today.


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