Friday, March 07, 2003


When I went outside this morning, I noticed that it was snowing/raining. Yay! I love snow. I don't particularly enjoy driving in it; so I hope we don't get a ton dumped on us, but there's nothing prettier than snow covered streets and trees.

Have I mentioned that I work with a big fat dickface? Oh yeah... I feel so lucky sometimes. Especially when he waddles his four foot 400lb self up to my desk, twitches his forehead and says something like "you betchy"... that's usually in response to when I call him because one of his customers is standing in front of me "hey dickhead, can you come up to the front" ... "Yyyyooooouuuuu betchy!" is the response. It takes everything I have not to just kick him in the nuts. Seriously... I absolutely 100% CANNOT STAND THE MOTHERFUCKER. He takes advantage of the fact that I am in sales support to make me do things that he is perfectly capable of doing... he is the only salesman here who will rip a ton of shit out of the file cabinet and not put it back. He gives it to me to put back. He refuses to ship anything himself; apparently that's beneath him. While I ship stuff for the other salesmen too; if I am busy with something, they will do it themselves rather than make me drop everything. Dickface expects me to stop whatever I am doing and do what he tells me to. I put my foot down when he wanted me to rip the bottom off of about 500 repair tags, because they had our old company name on them... MIND YOU we had and ENTIRE BOX ... HUNDREDS of repair tags with the correct name on them... he just wants to find shit for me to do. It's not the fact that he needs my help that pisses me off... it's the fact that I all but WIPE HIS ASS AND CUT HIS MEAT ... I'm surprised he hasn't asked me to heat up his fucking lunch yet. I would love that...I do what he asks me to do about 9 and a half times out of ten. There is the occasional time when I am like "um. no." But rarely. I have never in my life worked with someone so jerky and needy. If being his personal assistant paid a million a year, tax free I wouldn't do it. Not only that, but if he asks for something, and I am in the middle of something, sometimes I'll actually make him wait until I am done, and I'll get bugged about it up until the time I am so irritated with him, I am ready to shove whatever it is he needed up his ass sideways. He has no concept of waiting his turn. And usually; if he has to wait, it's not longer than an hour. Usually its for something asinine like labels or to ship something out... God forbid I don't jump to attention when he needs something shipped; otherwise I'll get asked about it and reminded all the way up until I am actually taking care of it. Never mind the fact that I have until 2:15 pm to get stuff ready to be shipped. If he sets it out at 9, I am haranged (sp?) every half hour till I snap and tell him to chill the fuck out. Ok... I have never actually uttered those words... THOUGH I'M DYING TO. I have told him that it will get done, so just relax. Anyway, what brought all this on is the fact that I found out he was complaining about me this morning... WHAT THE FUCK? I do everything I am asked to do for him, I don't give him a hard time, and in fact it's been a while since we really had a problem... we've had moments, but nothing more. And by moments I mean him being his usual pig dick self, and me seething inward and silently cursing his name as he walks away. I still take care of his shit. And without complaining. That doesn't change the fact that I praise God every time he has to take time off. Me and the other guys do the happy dance and give thanks on those rare occasions.

Anyway...enough bitching.

Today, Aaron and I have been together 3 months. I can't believe it's only been 3 short months.. so much has happened, and I feel like he's been in my life forever. We are going to our favorite lunch spot today, and are celebrating his birthday with his family and friends this weekend. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post next week. :-)


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