Wednesday, February 05, 2003


Ok, what is it about Eminem's new protege 50 cent that won't let me stop humming the base line from 'in da club'? I think it's the way he mumbles his way through the song... that and it sounds so incredibly ghetto you just can't help but love it. :-) I'm serious, there's an underground sort of street flavor to the song, and yes I know that since it's rap, I should say flava, but you're gonna make fun of me for liking that song period, so I might as well break it down.

The picture on the front of the website is an old picture of my cat
Asa, I was looking for a new pic to put up on the site; I wanted to put a pic of the new XXL cover with Eminem, Dr Dre and 50 cent; but couldn't find any online that were decent size. So I'll have to buy it and scan it in. Anyway, I ran across this pic on a disk and it made me laugh, so that's why it's up there.

What's new... not much, I bought a coat at Old Navy yesterday for 3.97 ... so I'm lovin that; I bought some underwear yesterday too; only to find out that it's too big... wish I would have know that before I put them on. It's a great thing that I am in smaller sizes, it just get's to be a little bit of a pain when I'm buying stuff; and I'm either in between sizes, or the stuff fits for a month and gets too big. Although I gotta say it's a great feeling to go to the store and try on SIZE 12 PANTS... oh yeah baby, I can't tell you the level of elation that puts me at. Considering that in May of 2001 I was wearing a size 24.

Well kids, I'm outta here; got stuff to do, places to be, you know how it is. By the way, Happy birthday to karen today!

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