Monday, February 24, 2003


I shouldn't be tired. But I am. I had a nice long relaxing weekend though... and despite the fact that this morning, I was amazed at how fast the weekend sped by, looking back I think it went by at a pretty good speed...

Friday, I went and visited Hollard, who was in the hospital. Luckily she was discharged on Sunday evening, and seems to be doing ok; Man what that girl won't do for attention! No, she was really sick, and I am just glad she is home now, and feeling better. After I left the hospital I went home and did a little homework... not enough mind you, but some. Aaron got off work early and we went to The Admiral Theater (you gotta love a place where for $14.50 you get two adult evening movie tickets, two big soda's and popcorn.) We saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I'd already seen it, but Aaron hadn't. We left and went to get his truck, we parked at the public parking lot next to Bartell's on 42nd. His truck was the only vehicle left there. We get in, pull up to the automated gate, put our ticket in the machine and... nothing. It still reads "Please insert ticket." Aaron continues to try and cancel the transaction, and get his ticket back, but the machine is not even acknowledging anything. I got out and tried pushing the button on the entrance side, to get a ticket and the entry arm to lift; but it must be based on the weight of your vehicle, because it wasn't working at all. We were somewhat amused by the situation; almost couldn't believe we had gotten ourselves locked into this garage. I went over to the Thriftway across the street to elicit help, but came back after I started having flashbacks from that movie The Vanishing... basically a movie where this chick gets kidnapped from a gas station... and... well, it's a hideous movie. So I freaked myself out and went back to the garage, where Aaron was searching around for old tickets to try. They were either unreadable or the total owed on them was like $73.00 or $110.00. Finally, we broke down and called Lori to come get us. She and Stephanie (our neighbor, and friend) got there in record time. They pulled forward and pushed the button and the entry arm of the gate went up and Aaron zipped right out of there. Thank GOD. We are forever indebted to them. :-) Moral of the story here? Never park in an unmanned garage... you CANNOT rely on machines to do the job of a human... there should be some sort of emergency override or something... some panic button where you can reach a live person who can help you out. Anyway...

We went to Kylie's birthday party on Saturday afternoon, she is a whopping 2 years old, and no I'm not being sarcastic; I can't freakin believe she's two already. She's such a little person. Man. I will be posting those pictures up on this site probably sometime later this week. Then, Aaron and I went to dinner with My cousins Lisa and Dwayne (the responsible party for introducing us). That was fun, we hadn't hung out in a while, seems like everyone's so busy these days... including me... so wierd to have a life now :-D. After dinner we went up to Club Broadway in Everett for Heather's birthday. Her favorite band - Chain Reaction was playing there. We had a great time, they play good music and it was nice seeing some of Heather's family, who I haven't seen in a loooong time.

Sunday Aaron and I bummed around in the morning, not doing much; I made muffins... woohoo! That afternoon we did some stuff at my storage unit, and then basically laid around the house that night. We fell asleep before Eminem's performance on the Grammy's dammit. Oh well, I taped it. I had a hideous headache last night, and am still feeling the effects of it this fine morning. What I would give to just go home and get a few more hours of sleep.

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