Friday, February 21, 2003


Ok, so I only know of a handful of you who actually stop by my little site here to read my random rants and opinions...and sometimes I even get feedback... (I LOVE FAN MAIL) but for the most part, I have to rely on my counter to tell me how many of you lovely ladies and gents are stopping by. So I put up the notify list thingy and two... count em' TWO people signed up... my dad and Aaron... my own mother couldn't even be bothered, and I don't think my sister ever stops by here anymore. Man, I am just not feeling the love. I wanted to do something different so I put up a message board/forum you can go in there and for those of you not familiar with forums/message boards, it's kind of like an ongoing chat... just reply to a message or start a new topic, and soon I envisions tens of thousands of participants weighing in on whether or not meg ryan had collagen injections done! Ok, well it'd be cool if at least ten people if not tens of thousands participated. come on people, humor me. please?

Ok, done begging. The sonics traded Gary Payton. Do I really care? Kinda...not really, because I don't follow basketball, but from what I've heard on the radio and read and stuff it sounds like they treated him kinda shitty... though for the amount of money he's making, I think he can just suck it up, walk it off, and be a man about the whole thing. Criminy. I'll frickin move to Minneapolis for half of what he makes.

Man I'm glad it's friday. Hope you all have a great weekend... see you in the f forum!

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