Friday, February 28, 2003


So the idiot here at work has put a sign up in his back window all confrontational and big that says "SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH AND OUR TROOPS." Now, on one hand I'm inclined to put up an anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-government sign in the back of MY car... though to be honest, I have no real opinion on this topic. It's kneejerk to take the polar opposite on whatever his stance is... and yes I know how immature that is, so don't start. I just can't stand him... are you feeling that vibe at all? Is my point coming across even a teensy tiny bit?

Today two customers that happened to walk in (and by the way, what is it with today... we've had more foot traffic in here today than we've had all month. Crikey.) Anyhoo, these customers come in (and both were his by the way) and said "who's car is that out there?" Now the first time it happened, I hadn't seen the sign in idiot's car, so I didn't understand when I responded and the customer made kind of a snort and shook his head with disdain. Then I saw the blaring Republican paraphernilia (sp?) and was immediately rubbed the wrong way. I've been nice to the idiot this week, though this morning I had to have a credit card run, so I am trying to hear the gal in our corporate office on the phone, and Idiot and his customer are yapping away loud as can be... and I mean loud, cackling and being all salesman like... the very quality in him I despise the most. He's apparently taken a new approach with me, and is killing me with kindness. Small talk, joking, asking for my help in a non-condescending way non-sexist way... can this effort warm my icy heart? Negative. Although, I have made a bit more of an effort to be less of a dick. Maybe that's why I am seeing a change.

Enough about dippyshit... IT'S FRIDAY!!! This means nothing because I HAVE HOMEWORK UP THE ASS! Well, not literally, but it might as well be for all the attention I've paid to it. I am also almost done packing up my bedroom. I am going to paint it within the month... I am just freakin itching to move out. And it's not that I am unhappy at home, I am JUST FREAKIN READY TO MOVE!!!! Patience is a virtue, yes I know. Fuck Patience. I want to move out. Now.

Have a great weekend!

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