Tuesday, February 25, 2003


I just realized I never commented on the Grammys... first and foremost, how FUCKING cool was it to have Simon and Garfunkel open the show? I love them. I got chills. I know that may make me a nerd in some of your eyes, but screw it... I was in S&G heaven to see them perform for the FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS on the Grammys. I am listening the the best of S&G right now as a matter of fact.... they, my friends, are the prime examples of why I would love to learn how to play guitar or piano or both...

Ok. Enough gushing. I'm a fan. You get it.

As for the rest of the show... I taped it, but haven't watched it all yet. I started to last night, and fell asleep again... man, that doesn't say much for the folks behind the scenes does it? I have never dozed off during the VMA's or Mtv Movie Awards... hmmm... anyhoo, I have heard that Kylie Minogue is a sprite of a woman, (I believe she's only 4'11'') but standing next to Justin Timberlake, good God, he's either half giant, or she really is itsy bitsy.

I was in bed last night around 8ish I think... took a pain pill, as I still had that headache, and yes, I still feel little buzzings of pain up there today... though it's much more tolerable. I slept clear till about 10ish when Aaron got there. Basically slept through our conversations... it's all fuzzy. I just remember him grinning at me when I would open my eyes... I love that! He's got the best grin ever. And no, I am not biased, just a great judge of grins. Anyway, I digress... I had a little nightmare last night before he got there... I think it was the pain pill... I was living in this 3 story glass house, it was night time, and my sister and dad were there, and we were still living in the flight path (old habits die hard I guess)... anyway, we saw this huge jet coming towards us, and it nosedived behind the house, at the neighbor's place, but there was fire all around... we had a hell of time getting dad and everyone else (suddenly there were people around) out of the house... and I had that horribly panicky feeling...like there was war going on or something. I woke up feeling scared and out of place... if that makes sense.

I had another strange dream this morning, I woke up around 3 or so and when I fell back asleep I dreamt I was homeless, and all I could take with me was my duffel bag, purse, and I think I had my cat carrier, with both cats smushed into it. (though that part is kind of fuzzy.) No one was offering to take me in, and even Aaron was there in my dream, so was my mom... both of them expressed sympathy for me, but neither one offered to put me up. I wouldn't ask either... it was wierd... and sad. But at least it wasn't a nightmare. God I hate those.

So I used a new shampoo, Sheer Blonde by John Frieda... it's supposed to take out the pollution stuff and chemicals that cause dulling of blonde hair. I gotta say, I kind of think my hair is blonder today... though that could just be the power of suggestion. But also, my hair is so freakin soft, I am totally impressed. I may even go buy the conditioner now.

Well, I have to get going, GO POST ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS!!!

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