Wednesday, February 12, 2003


So I am taking a break from my math book. When you spend an hour on one problem, working it from every angle to get the right answer... and you come to that point where you just don't fucking care anymore... it's time to take a break. see if you can make this equation equal the fraction 17 / 2


maybe now you can understand why I think pursuit of any sort of technical degree by me is a fucking hopeless ass situation. I want to take this math text and shove it sideways up the ass of whoever deems this shit necessary to get a goddamn degree in psychology. I'm serious. Show me one psychologist who can do this shit or does this shit on a daily or even part time basis... and I'll shut up and find a different degree more suitable to my intellect... like... hell I don't know, the sad thing is this shit isn't even college level. I'm freaked about passing this fucking class to get to my next special ed math class and I still have to pass college level math... it's looking grim folks.

On a brighter note, I went to the gym last night!!!! Hiatus 2003 is now officially over. The other brighter note is that I haven't gained any weight since not going, I was at a loss of 79lbs at Christmas and I am now at a loss of 83lbs. At Thanksgiving I was at a loss of 74lbs, so I have lost 9lbs since Thanksgiving and 4lbs since Christmas... not bad considering I haven't worked out or been on any sort of regimen, nor have I been in diet mode. I am officially feeling better and back on the horse again. The main problem was that I was so freakin sick for so long. I was so sweaty and gross when I left the gym, it felt great. I feel like I was ridding myself of all those toxins. My nose did run, however, the ENTIRE time I was on the elyptical trainer, and that kinda sucked. But I did a half hour on that, 15 min (1.33 miles) on the treadmill and burned a total of 496 calories. Was going to do some situps, but it was crowded in that area, and I like to have my space, so maybe tonight. My endurance is still pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I can't wait till I can run a full mile. I ran almost a quarter of a mile straight last night and surprised myself in the process. Maybe by this summer I'll be able to do it.

Aaron and I are gonna go biking when it gets nicer out. I am going to get myself a mountain bike; I think we are gonna buy my cousin's old one. I guess it's pretty nice (I don't know much about that stuff) of course, nothing compares to my old huffy desert rose. With the big handlebars, and banana seat... I was just reminiscing about that bike last night. Aaaah, the memories. Hopefully I'll have better luck with this bike than I did with the old H.D.R., and won't skin my knee(s) on every outing. Not looking forward to wearing a damn bike helmet though; I look like one of Jerry's kids, at least according to Tatum anyway. :-)

I am back into my orange kick. I love oranges. Love, Love, LOVE them. I have been eating them for breakfast this week; and I gotta say, they have moved past bananas in the favorite fruit category. No reason for sharing that, just thought I would is all. :-)

Well, I should go; gotta get back to the math torture. Why I even bother is beyond me.

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