Thursday, February 13, 2003


A few things to discuss with you this fine morning. I have been up for a while; woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I sit here burning a copy of 50 cent's new album... should I admit to that? Is there any legal action that 50 cent and Eminem can take against me for admitting to lifting his cd off the internet? No worries. I have a boyfriend now, and he'll kick both your asses. Oh yeah, that's right, I said it. (I'm sure Aaron doesn't mind me volunteering his services... )

Anyway I read
this article this morning about This dude who bought Southcenter mall last year wanting to 'improve' it. First of all, let me take issue with the fact that he took a perfectly respectable mall... and put pictures of Fergie up all over the damn place... as well as changed the name from a dignified 'Southcenter' to Westfield Shopping Town...uh.... let me be the first to point out that we are not living in the english country side, nor is the mall in any sort of upscale area where one might find a 'shopping town'... Southcenter mall is ghetto. Straight up ghetto. Don't get me wrong, I like the mall; enjoy shopping there, just picked up some stuff from there yesterday as a matter of fact. But I also don't mind the long lines behind 14 year old hoochies... and by hoochies I mean tight low rise jean wearing, thong peeking, half shirt, belly baring, hair slicked back, lipliner way too dark and way too thick, (and by the way, how hard is it to keep that shit INSIDE the lines of your lips?) cleavage glitter wearing, toe ring having, cell phone shouting, tongue and nose ring sporting 14 year old baby whores. Then you have your non speaking 100 year olds who wander aimlessly down the center of the walkway, about 15 steps slower than the flow of foot traffic. Of course you have your huge population of young men ... most of who's pants are hanging off their asses, giving you a view of their faded, (probably soiled) boxers... wearing bandana's on their heads, backwards baseball caps, upside down visors, sunglasses, AND MUCH TOO MUCH cheap ass cologne. They avert eye contact, to maintain their 'cool' demeanor, but don't cut in front of them at Journey's or the Foot Locker, or they might feel the need to bust a cap in your ass. Of course then you have the smaller groups... families, parents who don't watch their kids, and normal folks like me who just like to go there and spend money on shit they can't afford. Anyway, the point of this little diatribe is that no one I ever see there is anyone I would ever imagine finding shopping at a place called Westfield Shopping town. Myself included. Plus they have a mascot now, this gay ass kangaroo called Westy... it's just tacky in my opinion. Well now they want to add about 450,000 more square feet, pushing the total square footage to almost 2 million. Making Southcenter the largest shopping town in all of Seattle-shire. Wouldn't mind the theater they are planning, though I think the parking garages they are proposing will just FUCK EVERYTHING UP. The parking lot now is absolutely gargantuan, and the area traffic is bad enough with people exiting the mall in about 6 or 7 different outlets... the idea of them condensing that is nightmarish, especially at christmas time. Should be interesting though; a theater complex right there might be kind of nice.

I also found this article which proves that IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO LICK SPACE SHUTTLE DEBRIS. You should read it, it's kina interesting.

Math class was a phenomenal exercise in blinking back tears and fighting feelings of suicide. I never feel like as big of an idiot as when I am trying to do my math. It's hideous... I just have the hardest time processing and figuring it all out. What's sad is even the stuff I knew, I was struggling with... and this is an introduction to math here kids... I got at least two more classes to take, and I am not sure I'm not gonna have to repeat this class. Luckily the teacher is fairly patient and kind and doesn't make me feel stupid...I do that all on my own.

I'm going to bake some cookies tonight; using my cousin's recipe... they are Aaron's favorites. He said she makes the best cookies in the world. no pressure. As long as they're edible I'll be happy.

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