Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Good God, I'm addicted to Ebay. I'm not joking. I spend ENTIRELY too much time there...just perusing the virtual aisles of crap... I have found a lot of interesting stuff on there though... seriously!!!! Aaron and I have been diligently searching for a retro 50's-ish kitchen set... we want our dining area to resemble a diner... pottery barn was selling an awesome set; but discontinued it. Bastards. We are going to put a little jukebox on the table... ideally we want to find a mini jukebox that plays mp3's... there's gotta be a company out there that makes those right? If I can dream it up, it has to exist. Here is a dining set we really like... I just hate the thought of spending that much money on something without physically seeing it... this one is really freakin cool... total diner feel. I actually have this Elvis Clock in Red that will go in our kitchen. We want to get a neon picture w/ marilyn monroe too.

Ok, enough about ebay... I need to vent for a sec. I vented to Aaron this morning about this cocksucker at work who I hate. I know, I know, hate is a strong word... but seriously... this guy gets under my skin like no one else.... so much so I sometimes think I am going to go crazy. He is completely lazy and incapable of doing shit on his own. Just last week he was in his office... which is located in THE BACK OF OUR BUILDING. I sit at a desk in the FRONT OF OUR BUILDING. The filing cabinets where we keep customer information is located about 6 feet from asshole's door, in the BACK OF THE BUILDING. He calls me from his office and asks me to go to the filing cabinet and get him a customer's phone number. I almost had a nervous breakdown. Granted, I get pissed when he asks me to do ANYTHING because he is a lazy fucking asshole.... so when another co worker came in, I asked him if I had any right to be pissed by this and he told me if jerk off asked me to do that again to tell him to do it "his goddamn self".

The amount of contempt I have for this guy is phenomenal... seriously. I haven't been this irritated by one person since... well I have no clue... I don't normally hate people. Yesterday he asked me to put these stupid labels on his batteries for some customer then proceeded to tell me this morning I didn't do it how he asked but it still worked anyway. Whatever man, as if I really fucking care. If I don't do it right, do it yourself. Then a few days ago he volunteered to take our trash out; we now have a can instead of a dumpster... there is a label on it that says "TRASH ONLY". Dippyshit takes the can out and wanders back up to my desk and says "so, what do you suppose the sign on the trash bin means?" I slowly take a breath and break my usual rule of no eye contact to stare at him, making my contempt obvious, squinting my eyes and say "what?" His forehead twitches it's usual grody way, and he says "The trash only sign... what do you suppose that means?" I pause for a moment, choosing my words carefully... "uh... probably that they don't want any recycling shit in there." His dimpled forehead twitches again, and he says "huh." turns and waddles back to his office where I hear him pick up the phone and call (I'm assuming) our everett shop to talk to the gal who ordered the can for us. Either that or he called the garbage company... to be honest as soon as I heard him ask whoever he was calling the same question, I tuned everything out... I was so irritated. When I hear him hang up the phone, I see him come towards my desk, he stops and looks at me and says "well, you were right. No recycling." I nod without breaking my eye contact with my computer screen. "oh yeah" he continues, "we also can't throw away television sets... the picture tube is hazardous material." I stop and close my eyes as walks away.... first I gotta say I'm a little amazed that he didn't ask me to call around to find out what "TRASH ONLY" meant... because I would have put my foot down on that one. He is famous for wasting time... my time, his time... anyone in between's time. It's heinous. And for RANDOM SHIT! When I told a coworker about that he just shook his head. And by the way, why would we even put a television into our little trash can? Where would we get one to throw away here at WORK? ARg.... maybe I'm too hard on him, and look for things to bug me... though if that kind of stuff didn't, the ass trumpeting he does in the bathroom would still send me over the edge.

Onto bigger and better topics... math is getting a little better... though I was stumped for a while last night on a word problem. (joy of fucking joys)... apparently I missed the memo that all angles in all triangles add up to 180 degrees... Fuck a duck, I didn't realize that shit was common knowledge. Perhaps I could've led a richer life if I had just known that one morsel of information. Maybe I could've been voted homecoming queen in high school, won the lottery and lived a charmed life if I had only realized that all angles in all triangles add up to 180 godforsaken degrees. I have math class tonight... you know I think I am missing the gene that helps people to understand math. I mean seriously.. the brilliant minds of the world have concluded that there are fat genes, and genes that make people more succeptable to certain illnesses based on heredity and such... so wouldn't you think if your parents suck at math, the odds are against you that you will too? Who knows. But there should be a pell grant for people like us. One notch above the short bus. ... well maybe two notches.

Hey who'da thought that duct tape could be a weapon against terror attacks? Should we really be worried or are they just playing on our fears? Drum up a little support for the war on Iraq... and by the way, how many idiots have gotten stuck/killed/lost up on Mt. Rainier in the past? Common sense would tell you to stay the hell off that mountain but noooo people still feel the need to look danger in the face. Man it sounds like I'm doing a lot of bitching today.... I'm actually in a really good mood... in love, happy... I swear!


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