Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Well, I had lots of things to discuss with you today, but wouldn't you know... I seem to have had a brain fart, and lost any and all motivation to write today about anything. I'll give it a whirl though, just for you.

I'm. tired.

I'm also behind in my math class, so I'll be spending this evening frantically attempting to work out problems like
if x-u=r.dy$$ then 8(tyr)*4568=2hg-8

ok, so that's not exactly a problem direct from my book... but you get my drift. I was supposed to work on it last night, but got caught up packing up my room in various boxes and stuff... am getting ready to clean out the old storage unit this weekend and put the boxes in there, and hopefully paint my room in a few weeks. Don't want to deal with that shit when I am in the process of moving. Then when I was done cleaning I got caught up in the Joe Millionaire Trainwreck... fuck a duck he looks like an ape. I'm serious. And the back of his head is so flat! I couldn't get over it. It was so cheesy... kinda cool that they got a million bucks, but you can bet that I will NOT be tuning in nextweek to see 'joe millionaire... the aftermath' or whatever the heck it is. I am just about off this reality bandwagon...I used to love it... maybe I'm just all realitied out. who knows. Who knows why I continue to ramble like this?

So, Valentines day... I had an AWESOME one. I did. For the first time EVER. I gotta say, this whole being in love thing rocks! I went to lunch with Aaron (who showed up at my work with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers. From there we went to our favorite little lunch spot, Donna's Diner, and proceeded to have a great lunch until panic ensued when Aaron mentioned that when we got back to my office I should see if the movie "So I Married An Axe Murderer" was on Dvd yet, and on sale at ebay or amazon. I panicked because that was one of his valentine's gifts, and if he purchased it in the few hours before I was to hand it to him, that would just not be good. I smiled and told him that I had already looked and it had only been released in region 2. (European dvd's... I think) He nodded and replied that we could probably program my dvd player to play it. I nodded, smiling, racking my brain trying to delay the inevitable. I smiled and said "hey, I have an idea; why don't we swing by my house on the way back and I'll give you one of your presents a little early." He was game for that, and I breathed a sigh of relief. When we got to my house and he opened the dvd, he was surprised and we both laughed, and I told him how nervous I was that he would have bought it before I had a chance to give it to him. Luckily he said he didn't have a clue that I had already bought it... whew! That was a close one. ;-P

That night he picked me up and gave me my second present of the day (and keep in mind, besides the roses; I had gotten a vday present a week earlier when he gave me the heart shaped locket... which I don't have a good picture of me wearing it yet... anyway, I digress) so I open up this box shaped like a dice, and there is all this awesome lucky brand perfume scented stuff in it; like hair gel, lotion, the perfume, the concentrate... I hit the mother load baby. I love that stuff; my favorite scent of all time! We went to dinner at Cucina Cucina, and drew hearts and love messages on the paper tablecloth... which we later left in shreds when I insisted on ripping out the love notes for our memory box. :-) We went to Kirkland to Waldo's bar after that to see the my favorite seattle band play. We had a great time. When we got home I got my last gift, a red pajama set with little white hearts on the top. Very nice. I had a great Valentine's day... I think he did too. He seemed to really like the pocket watch I gave him. It was a great day. :-)

We had a low key weekend after that, was very relaxing... I wish they all could be like that.

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