Sunday, January 05, 2003


Man, what a couple of weeks it's been... I see that the last time I updated this journal was Christmas Eve... That's like two weeks ago man, my bad. I have been one busy girl; that's for sure. I don't even really know where to begin.... First off, I am in love. That's right... the eternal single girl, the hopeless romantic... she's in a state of complete and utter twitterpation... actually, the twitterpation stage is long gone... I am head over heels in love. I have hesitated to write about it in my journal here, because as superstitious as I am, I don't want to jinx anything. I have been assured though that I have nothing to worry about... The picture on the front of my site is a pic of the beautiful roses that Aaron (my sweetheart) gave to me for our one month milestone...or anniversary. It sounds so wierd to say that; I am so used to flying solo... yet I feel like I've known him forever.

I spent Christmas eve with my dad's side of the family, Aaron accompanied us there; which was cool because it was my cousin Lisa and her husband Dwayne who set us up in the first place. Lisa is my dad's sister's daughter. We had a pretty good time though I was suffering from a raging toothache. Christmas day arrived, and I ended up spending the afternoon/evening with Aaron's family. It was a good time, I can't get over how warm and inviting they all are. We spent New Year's Eve at Aaron's brother's house. It was my first New Year's kiss... and that alone made it the best New Year's ever. :-)

On January 2nd, Aaron and I took off for the Oregon coast. We had no real destination; other than to drive for a while on I-5 south, then we figured we'd consult the map and go westward. We ended up in Newport, Oregon. A beautiful little town nestled in the seaside of some of Oregon's prettiest beaches. We stayed at a Shilo Inn, and got an EXCELLENT deal. We had a perfect view of the ocean from our room; the beach was directly below us, and we spent a lot of time watching the seagulls and beach combers. We also visited the historic Newport Bayfront; where there are gift shops galore and a wax museum, aquarium, and a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum. We visited Ripley's and had a good time reading about and examining the exhibits. We ate dinner our second night there at a restaurant called FLASHBACKS... we had spotted it the night before while we were on a drive. It was a 50's style diner, and looked kinda cool; sure enough when we pulled up we heard the oldies playing on loudspeakers outside the restaurant right away. We sat down and looked around; if you didn't know better; you might think it was 1955; the booths were red glittery vinyl, there were old magazines from the 50's on each table; and lots of paraphernilia (sp?) scattered all around. The prices were excellent; top sirloin steak was not even 10 bucks; and we were amazed because they had everything from spaghetti to fried egg sandwiches on the menu. Our soda's came to us in mason jars... we had a great time there. Too bad Newport is so far away, because Flashbacks just became my new favorite restaurant. :-)

We came home on Saturday, and attended my cousin Lisa's birthday party at our favorite Karaoke place. I was coming down with a cold though; so I didn't sing as much... and sunday I got a bunch of miscellaneous stuff done and watched MINORITY REPORT ... which was better than I thought it would be.

The last month has been completely and utterly awesome... I could go on and on, but you know...

I am hooked on two different cds right now... and if you know me, you know it's a RARE occurrence for me to like an entire cd... but No Doubt's ROCK STEADY is awesome... I love every single song on there; which is wierd, because I have never been much of a No Doubt fan. Christina Aguilera's STRIPPED cd is also completely amazing... very soulful and raw... there is one song I don't care for; but everything else is great. Both of these have been on repeat rotation at work; I can't get enough.

Incidentally, haven't seen much activity on my archives page. The archives are a compilation of old journal entries or movie reviews or stuff I love or hate entries... you can choose which pages to view. It's wierd to look back and see the completely different frame of mind I was in when I began this journal.... and continued on with it... seems like a different person wrote those entries. Anyway, that's enough babbling, I have stuff to do! Have A GREAT DAY!

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