Tuesday, January 21, 2003


I am updating mainly because a certain someone told me he's going to start bugging me to update more often. :-) I have no good reason for not writing anything lately other than I have been sick... wait that IS a good reason! I am so tired of being tired, so sick of being sick... you get my point. I am praying that this will all be over soon... it's wearing me down man. I could handle the body aches, I could handle the low grade fever, I could handle the mouth tenderness... I could handle the sniffles and coughs... it's the actual mouth pain that is just pushing me over the edge. That's the one aspect that makes every second a lesson in tolerance. I can't wait for this to just be done... I am hoping I am on the right path... I cleaned out my car this morning, so I am hoping that's a good sign. :-) Aaron is such a sweetheart, he took care of me all weekend, not minding that I slept most of the day on Saturday, and he even went and got me something to eat Saturday evening. I'm telling you I hit the jack pot with him. :-D

A few random thoughts...

The new JC Chasez song (he's the other dude from NSYNC that is attempting a solo career)... I like the chorus, but actually detest the rest of the song... how is that possible?

More than I'd like to admit, that song by Jay z and Beyonce... 03 bonnie and clyde is growing on me... why do most rappers have to make references to bonnie and clyde? what is the freakin fascination? I just don't get it.

I haven't worn eye makeup in almost 6 days. Well it's 6 days today anyway. You know I'm sick if I can't even be bothered to bust out the eyeshadow. What is with me? More than I'd like to tell you my friend.

By the way, I just put a box up for a new feature on my website, on the front page , if you type in your email address there and follow the directions ... then any time I update my site, add photos or write in this journal or whatever, you will get an email notifying you. :-) So go sign up, make me feel loved!

On my way out the door tonight, one of the guys I work with... the one I can't stand... let's call him... Dennis shall we? Anyway, I am getting ready to walk out the door; already 1 minute past my time, and he wants me to take one of his orders, and get a ups label ready for him and a sign sheet so he can take it up to ups himself. When I tell him that I'm on my way out the door; he gets all offended and is like "you can't take a minute to do this?" I thought twice before almost replying "for you, no... for someone I actually like... well, yeah I probably would." instead I said "don't you know how to do this yourself?" he grumbled "it's been so long since I did one, I forgot... just forget it." I was like "whatever dude, this is why you should know how to do this stuff yourself man." And I left. Peace out homey, get a frickin clue is what I felt like saying. Man he gets on my last nerve. Anyway, I am gonna go lay down and take a nap.

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